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HAHAHAHAHA you just proved your own ignorance as per >>40328860 you RETARD

Find a single video of an M4 jam.

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You're the girl, nogunz.

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>you can't find a video of it so it never happens

>> No.40329057

You've already proven your expertise, unable to distinguish a pump action shotgun from one with automation. While doing so, you mocked the person with actual knowledge.

You now attempt to make a point, trying to prove a negative or call upon someone to do so. You have already exhausted all credibility, so your efforts, much like your dick, are completely impotent.

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Nice adhom, bro. If you can't debate civilly, I'm out.

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You started this by being wrong while calling someone a girl. You're a bitch, run away. Fuck you.

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How incredibly strange you have this story. About a year ago I was playing at a larger hobby/book store and a guy that was playing a young high schooler charged his handgun under the play table. When asked about it, he said that you never know what might go down. He often played with some tweaker dude. Is this actually common behavior?

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I have a friend who likes Magic but doesn't have any cards, and also likes to carry concealed. So he'll watch me play while carrying, also looking for potential thieves in order to hold the gun on them and pistol whip them and retrieve cards. For fun.

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hey as a girl i take offence to that, what kinda tard can't tell that's just a straight handgrip.

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>Don't quit because of one faggot.
This guy has it right. OP, don't quit because of that one guy.

Quit because the game went to shit years ago.

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You can't really blame him. Only a murderer would need to know that much about a gun.

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>A relative of mine gave me his MtG collection as a birthday present when I was a kid
>Don't know anything about the game, never get to play, just keeping the cards save for several years
>2011, find a group, become friends, they introduce me to MtG
>I bring my old cards, ranging from second to fourth edition
>They let me use them for shits and giggles

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I don't care if it is copypasta, Magic players being almost this bad hasn't been stressed enough. My decks usually suck and I'm not a very good player, yet people cheat against me a fair amount, in casual games with nothing riding on them. I feel I'll be switching to Online any day now where people insisting on their fake rules and other bull-shit claims have no effect and they can't slip cards into play or change their life points when no one is looking or keeping the opponent's life total themselves. I'm surprised you can even see a dozen people playing Magic in a LGS with that kind of bull-shit.

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a missed trigger history? love when this happens

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If you are tempted by MTGO, google Hex. Give it a chance before making up your mind.

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Hit them. Physically hit them. Right across the table.

>> No.40332709

People don't call the cops where you live?

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underrated post

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that is the finest looking revolver I've ever seen

>> No.40332790


>doesn't expect the handgun
>doesn't leave a counterspell prepared for the handgun

it's your fault that you lost

>> No.40332912

I've heard that Wizards of the Coast are signifigant privacy violators on the internet.

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Why isn't this card named Mountains to Molehills?

>> No.40334543

This one needs more credit then its getting.

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thinking about it i suppose that you could get ptsd from it but even then its better not to quit the whole point of ptsd treatment is to get used to your triggers not avoid them

but if it is indeed a matter of thinking magic somehow attracts people like this your a fucking retard

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although now that i realise that david sirlin is unrelated to magic i suppose its not as important to change it

still a nice change though

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oh god my sides

>> No.40335843

i dont know where the hell you live that has a lot of cheaters

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where did the orange hair come from? what is this a crossover of? is it a new waifu?

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It's Anna from Frozen.

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That is a completely idiotic statement. I can think of several reason why someone would need to know without being a murderer.

>Law Enforcement/Self Defense, being able to know if the person holding the gun can fire off a second round in quick succession without moving
>Cleaning the gun
>Firing the weapon at a gun range

Don't be a retard Anon, just don't do it.

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So murderers, murder maintenance, murder practice, and animal murder? Still not seeing how knowing about a killing tool isn't related to killing.

>> No.40338102

>First Point not related to murder, but to stopping a murderer
>Nothing to do with murder
>Nothing to do with murder
>Killing an animal is not murder

Murder is defined as "the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another"

Killing in self defense is not murder, nor is the killing of someone in violation of the law, by an officer of the law, a murder.

Have fun with your retarded self Anon.

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>nor is the killing of someone in violation of the law, by an officer of the law, a murder.

Well, it can be. If it's undue force.

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what you got?

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underrated post

>> No.40339493

thanks man this looks gr-
fucking why

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I quit 40k recently.

A few weeks ago at FNM, I was playing for the top place with a regular, and when I was about to beat him, he pulled three Riptides out and placed them on the table and asked me to reconsider. I told him that this was fucked up, and he told me that David Sirlin teaches players to take every step in their ability to win their games. The LGS owner called the cops and he was arrested, and I've been asked by the local prosecutor to testify if I need to.

There's something about this hobby that seems to have gotten worse over the last few years.

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I quit MTG recently.

A few weeks ago at FNM, this guy was playing for the top place with a regular on top of me, and when he was about to beat him, he pulled a loaded handgun out and placed it on me and asked him to reconsider. He told him that this was fucked up, and he told him that David Sirlin teaches players to take every step in their ability to win their games. The LGS owner called the cops and he was arrested, and he's been asked by the local prosecutor to testify if he need to.

There's something about this hobby that seems to have gotten worse over the last few years.

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Daily reminder.

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>not casting Naturalize on the gun
Do you even sideboard?

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cute story bro

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Never change, /tg/

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Threatening to shoot someone is bad because it leaves the choice with the opponent. Would you complain this much if he played temporal extortion?

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u wil relapse

the struggle is real

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I have recently begun sucking cock for legacy staples. So far I am at 3 LEDs, a playset of Polluted Delta and I have sucked only 6 cocks.

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>i was only pretending

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