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Salty is my dick down your throat

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>Most of the time people are fighting for fun and personal satisfaction. Not complete domination.

No one goes to the Casino and plays a game without knowing the rules first, unless they are complete idiots.

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I looked it up, neither of that actually happened. But nice try.

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Yo guys hear me out here but what if

Stacking status effects but no 100% guaranteed status moves?

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>complete idiots
So, 90% of people who walk into a casino in vegas?

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umm, not every poker player is a pro. Not every blackjack player counts cards.

That's already a thing. There's no such thing as 100% in this quest, there's always a way to counter or prepare.

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You can train your moves to be more accurate, why wouldn't people just do that?
Far better would be status stacking being a thing you need to specifically train how to do.
Hell, that'd be a cool subplot for Kat.

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Are you suggesting that we have to roll to hit and then roll for it to stick?

seems like we are just causing problems for no real reason.

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Pretty sure we've actually paralyzed and burned a pokemon at the same time more than once in the past.

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>Gobble @GobbleQM 3h3 hours ago
>I just want to say I love you guys!


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>Far better would be status stacking being a thing you need to specifically train how to do.
Huh, I would second that.
Wouldn't that solve basically all complaints by all sides?
It makes it a thing thats people can do, but explains why it isn't incredibly common and we don't see it all the time.

We haven't.

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>You need to link me that, because I remember no such thing.
Sadly I can't find it. It is possible I remembered incorrectly though.

Eh, I might be okay with that I guess.

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cept it makes no thematic sense.

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No, we already have a system where effects vary at different success thresholds for flinches and so forth. You still only need one roll.

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You make no thematic sense.

Remove yourself.

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it has never happened, only parafusion, burnfusion+leechseed and paraflinch

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Hasn't happened before, until now Gobbel and we had run under the assumption you can't.
Why do you think our team mates didn't stack paralysis on Regirock?

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Why wouldn't it? It makes as much sense as the Burn status effect causing continous damage but somehow not damaging the attacker with heat.
Or burn lowering physical attack.

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Because we were a bunch of teenagers in a dark cave getting blown the fuck out by a legendary monster?

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Nah, we fought that thing pretty good and got a whole bunch of moves in.
In the threat people would be even more likely to put the effect on it that makes the huge rock monster slow down.

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good thread everybody high five

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>"That was a good match, really. You just need to watch the small things. This isn't a videogame, Sleep Powder gets carried by the wind," You toss up some grass. "I bet if Butterfree did it from that way, it would have drifted down at Nibbles."

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>Junior's cockiness is gone."Quick! Use Supersonic Venonat!"

>At almost the exact same time, you yell your instructions. "Zappy Dan! Use Supersonic!"

>Each of your Pokemon move at about the same speed. They fire their attacks in unison. Both Supersonic waves meet in the middle and bounce off of each other, dissipating into the air.

>"Awww! Come on!" Both of you yell in unison.

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both those things were before dice, we can probably assume they just missed and Gobble added some flavor text for dramatic flare instead of Zappy Dan and Junior's Venonat both miss.

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don't do it man just go to bed its 4 in the fucking morning

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Denial my ass, butterfree literally misses, but just with added flavor text.

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Yep. More denial.

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that's what happened though, butterfree flew high and missed it's sleep powder.

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Anon used the post to prove that wind affects sleep powder. Proving that moves like gust will also affect it.

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And if Wind affects Sleep Powder then it's reasonable to assume that sound affects Sing.

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that has nothing to do with the detrimental effects of stacking status effects themselves; you are fighting a periphery battle that has little to do with the actual argument..

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It proves that Status moves themselves are easily countered. Which proves stacking status effects is not nearly as detrimental as you claim it is.

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>It proves that Status moves themselves are easily countered. Which proves stacking status effects is not nearly as detrimental as you claim it is.

Then I would simply argue that with a little imagination any opponent can counter the counter; or that the counter is not nearly as effective as you think it would be.

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>Then I would simply argue that with a little imagination any opponent can counter the counter
The point I've been trying to make all night. It's up the the skill and imagination of the trainer to effectively fight a battle. Not "You know move X so you win"

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But then you can counter their counter counter and oh god let it end zzzzzz

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Yay! He finally got it!!!! Pokemon battles are fluid ever changing things that are not set based on a single move combo like the games.

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but i'm not arguing against that, i'm arguing against retconnng how status has worked previously and the implementation of stacked Status

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You have no idea what you're arguing anymore.

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I know exactly what i'm arguing for.

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Why? if it was just proven to not be detrimental to the game why wouldn't you want it? It makes things more realistic and adds room for player craetivity.

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because stacked status would absolutely change the game dynamic, everyone use safeguard first turn to avoid getting shit on. you keep acting like through GM fiat you can gust away any status because bullshit.

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>everyone use safeguard first turn to avoid getting shit on
cept I just proved you don't have to.

And no, Gust won't work on everything, but everything will have it's own counters. It's up to us to both prepare properly and to think on our feet and adapt as they come.

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it's going to turn the fucking quest into Acquisitions Inc. tier bullshit GM fiats to avoid getting blown the fuck out by Toxic+sleep

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>Actually following Acquisitions Inc

You Filth

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