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Something that occurred to me: are any of the thousands upon thousands of people in these threads who want to be little girls born female?

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There are maybe a couple hundred jumpers total. Some of them are probably in possession of naturally occurring ovaries. Please don't ask again.

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Go back to your containment thread and stay there

>> No.40359919

Containment thread?

>> No.40359967

Why are you talking about my ovaries anon? That's weird!

>> No.40360008

I missed it when it was first put up, can someone repost it?

>> No.40360285

The only person who I know from those threads that is female is Red.

The rest can be pansexual omnivestites for I care

>> No.40360318

There's at least one other female that used to post there. She and Red hated each other.

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I'm still working on my cyoa. And there are no breaks on this train. Here's work in progress.

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Looks nice so far.

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>24 hours for a round-trip

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Apparently that one was also an idiot who kept trying to force some kind of birth fetish on everyone else, and was universally hated until they ran away. I'll say this for jumpchain: at least they don't put up with magical realm bullshit

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Since I live in Europe I'd do best to choose the Norway entrance.
>3 day ticket (12 dubloons left)
In the city of glass I don't spend too much time watching the auctions and instead only pick up a
>colour tree of motivation (10 dubloons)
We pass an underwater resort, I guess I look at the pretty fishes but I'm not staying the night
In the hallowed halls I want some good fruit of knowledge, I'm holding out for something on tech or computers
>fruit of knowledge (8)
I'm going to swallow my pride and crawl through the sewers to get to the proving grounds. Not because I want to go there but because I want to take the train.
I travelled just a little less than half of the purple track and spend some time climbing down the sewers so if I got to the hollow tree during the morning the sun is probably setting when I get to the Spider place. I'm not getting out.
I shake my head at the slaver's market but tell myself that it's a different culture and there are probably just as much things we do that shock them.
I say a little prayer for the souls of the slavers and the slaves at the shrine, burning some incense.
I definitely take immortality
>eternal life (6)
I spend some time getting used to it and before the next train comes I give myself a new, slightly handsomer but still recognizably me, body
>flesh (1)
I try to catch some sleep. I should have spend 48 hours on the blue track and the court, if I think I can't make it back up the passageway in time to catch the purple train and reach Norway before my 72 hours are up I buy a vial of dragon's blood and get of at Hong-Kong
If I do manage to do that I finish the purple track.
Don't buy anything at delta-5
talk about history with the Nazi's
make some photographs of the statues
flirt with the elves
At the metropole I 'll buy one of the cheaper dinos
>raptor pet (0)
I step out of the tree with not much physical possessions but definitely richer.

>> No.40361526

>no breaks on this train
Looks like you took a break since the last time you showed your progress.

>> No.40361933

you wot mate

>> No.40361949

Any of these CYOA thingamabobs let ya be a 'bot?

>> No.40361980

So Albino overwrites all the others, like German.

>> No.40362011

Enjoying my holiday, blud

>> No.40362623

10/10 would pay tribute to

>> No.40363098

Get ready for the tumblr influx...

>> No.40363120

What's going on with tumbler?

>> No.40363378

It's influxing. Don't you read the posts you respond to, anon?

>> No.40363394

I read it, but the post what more a "what" and i was asking more a "why".
Hence the question.

>Get ready for the tumblr influx...
This is what is going on
>What's going on with tumbler?
This is me asking why is there an influx

This really isn't that hard to understand, anon.

>> No.40363422

If you were asking why,you should have asked why. This really isn't that hard to understand, anon.

>> No.40363429

Creepy girl (Vulnerable)
Media - 4chan

Infectious (turning people into lolis)
Magical defense

Specific victim: Men
Rare weakness: A four-leaf clover picked in Ireland on St. Patrick's day

Don't forget, you're here forever.

>> No.40363450

Thanks for the responses man. Really helpful.

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>tfw really interested in wizards and magic right now but can't make a cyoa out of it because of battlemage

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Is this because of that fic? I really doubt they will find their way here.

>> No.40364319

Looks completely based. What graphics program?

>> No.40364325

Huh? What fic? What am I missing here?

>> No.40364332

Have you heard of that website LessWrong? One of their celebrities saw a simple /b/ CYOA through tumblr and wrote a story about what he thought would realistically happen on his log.

>> No.40364343

Neither of those is the original.

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>> No.40364350

Copypasta anon? Would you like to show us the earliest version?

>> No.40364520

not the originator

>> No.40365018

> No Roxanne

Life is suffering

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>> No.40365405

Photoshop cs6

>> No.40365867


SDA doesn't have a monopoly on wizard/magic CYOAs, anon. I'm sure you can come up with something

>> No.40365917

he kinda does now.

>> No.40365930

Having a majority market share does not equal a monopoly.

>> No.40365987

it makes business, particularly from small/unknown providers, much less viable

>> No.40366015

I dunno, I'd call conduits a type of wizard and their still their own thing with spin offs like >>40349547

>> No.40366016

He doesn't even have a majority market share. First, there is no market, and second, he has one wizard CYOA in a sea of them.

>> No.40366043

Can someone please post the wizard CYOA?

>> No.40366047

>>40364259 fuckin be a man and a contributor and make some DAMN WIZARD OC

>> No.40366228

>the wizard CYOA
Which one?

>> No.40367242

new thread guys? i cant make it right now

>> No.40367242,1 [INTERNAL] 

Why is this one so obsessed with blood?

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