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> Tl;dr: New players aren't necessarily a bad thing, most of you are getting worked up over nothing
> You actually missed the whole point. We're not chasing away new players, we're criticizing the way the industry wants to do it.

I meant: Why risk your long term survival for a short term gain? I am all about getting new customers, but to earn loyal customers (like Jayco does in the RV industry), you need to focus on what I like!

Errr... I mean quality!

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And the sad thing is that all of Those Guys are missing the most obvious point - us faggots have been playing PnP games the whole time, and are just showing appreciation that the game companies are acknowledging we exist rather than continuing to cater to the loud sperglord portion of the fanbase.

Back to the topic though-
>That Guy is playing a ludicrous gnome alchemist/gunslinger/artificer
>Chaotic Neutral
>Person he dislikes IRL is playing the bard
>Bard has turned on our decanter of endless water and is having a squirt-gun fight with the fighter
>That Guy's character gets splashed with water

>Shoots the bard in the head with explosive bullets
>"What? He attacked me!"

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The post references people on both sides of the argument, meaning, anyone that's involved with the pointless discussion is 'That Guy'.

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Sorry anon but it's true.

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Reminds me of a Spycraft game I ran based on Crimson Skies. Party makes pulp heroes. That Guy makes a German scientist racist/facist. Want to dope smack him since I showed him cutscenes from the Xbox game, but he just wanted to call people Jew and drop exploding pianos on them.

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I know(which makes me a meta That Guy I suppose, but oh well) - I was mostly pointing out that the argument over "new players" and "long term survival" is especially pointless.

Anyway, something else from the same character, same game.
>Dying NPC is giving us his last words
>That Guy shoots him in the back of the head from across the room from where he was looting
>"I was putting him out of his misery"

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How do you punish "that guy" during session when they try to cheat?

I had a player that would change his ability scores between sessions or just open the monsters manual in his notebook while playing to find the enemies' weaknesses.

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Tell them to stop or you'll kick them out. You're not their mom, it's not your job to slap them on the wrist and scold them when they do something bad.

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>Sprites can crossbreed with everything except lizardfok

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I'm probably gonna get a lot of mixed responses to this but whatever.

>Running a one-shot 5e adventure, something fun, quick and simple to introduce my girlfriend and my female best friend to the game
>Male best friend is also joining us so I have someone who's used to the ropes
>Girls are excited and start eagerly focusing on their character's backstories
>Friend is annoyed because he brought his Chaotic Evil so random Druid, with 0 backstory and just wants to roll dice and kill stuff
>My girlfriend decides she wants to play a Warlock with the Great Old One pact
>She asks me if her character can be entirely dedicated to the corruption of people's minds, making them depraved sexual deviants, that same deviance feeding her patron
>She doesn't know Warhammer at all but I decide fuck it, and make her patron Slaneesh, God(dess) of Corruption and Lust.
>Male friend stands up
>"But that's not a Great Old One"
>"Yeah, it's not, but I'm fluffing it to be one"
>"But those are two different things"
>"How? I'm literally just changing names"
>"That doesn't make sense"
>"Instead of being called a pact with a Great Old One lets call it a Slaneeshi Pact or whatever. It's a one-off, it doesn't matter. Plus, when we go back to the group and start running my adventure I'm going to change a lot of names, seeing as a lot of the terms won't fit the lore for my world"
>proceed to play anyway

Was I That Guy /tg/? I mean I know my gf's concept was a bit dodgy but is this really such an inexcusable offense?

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>"But this monster doesn't have that weakness, because it's a special breed!"

>"That's a nice roll! You would have succeeded even if you hadn't changed your stats! But because you did, you fail and now have fantasy ebola. Fuck you."

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Your girlfriend was that guy.

>> No.40363416

Your friend is an ass and you should tell your gf to keep it in her pants.

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how was she that guy? it just seemed like an interesting concept to her. Is having a character with even the slightest allusion of sex equals being That Guy?

I tried. Didn't work out

And she didn't play the character in an ERP manner, rather she just set herself to distribute erotica, kamasutras, and forming cults devoted to her god. Pretty straightforward stuff tbh

>> No.40363432

Nah, you weren't.

Your friend should stop being such a lorefreak when it comes to one-shots.

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I read it earlier. I never asked for the feels.

>> No.40363514

even if it wasn't a one-shot, would there be THAT much of a problem if the names of pacts, oaths and whatever were to be changed?

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Doesnt he understand that the DM makes the setting? or has 5E departed so much from ADND?
and i reshuffle monster descriptions/stats/weaknesses as needed. and take a copy of his stats on the sly "oh gimme a wis test, whats yours agains?" ect till you catch him out. then call down the pain.

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I was surprised. I went in expect some silly light-hearted stuff, and I got an examination of the nature of relationships. Also implied trap rape.

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you're a brooding faggot
if you're gonna masturbate to an rpg, stay the fuck home

>> No.40363848

Here's your issue right there. As the GM you can always say fuck the rules.

>> No.40363852

Well, that sounds like she was just staying in character. I don't see why you would have to ask her to keep it in her pants unless she was describing the orgies in explicit detail.

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Sure, I'm a brooding faggot for being thrown on a fucking group I didn't even know, with different schedules, interests and pretty much no reason to stay together.
The same fucking group that doesn't have any IC interaction without the faggot running it immediately throwing in his shitty DMPCs so he can monologue for a solid hour.
The same fucking group that can be called a group only because we share the same apartment building and have nothing in common apart from none of us knowing what the fuck is going on.

So no you retarded faggot, I'm not fucking brooding for not trusting a bunch of fucking strangers that make fun of my character for walking funny and rarely fucking see in-game. And you wont give me that bullshit when the shit eating fartcummer that run the game discouraged player-to-player roleplay.

Here's a though, faggot: Stop assuming things and fuck off.

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I have a really, really shitty group playing 5E, and I don't really enjoy it, but one guy in the group just shines as a paragon of shit.

>He only ever refers to me as "DM". Everyone knows my name, he refuses to use it.
>He seriously gets mad when he gets hurt in combat. No, that's not a joke. If he gets hit in combat, he starts getting pissed off.
>He charged a hobgoblin, the goblin shot and hit him. His response "Man, DM, you really like fucking up my character." It was 5 points of fucking damage.
>Other players are like "Dude, you ARE a barbarian..."
>He threw a tantrum and let his character die because it got knocked unconscious in a fight. Not the Barbarian, the one before that. He left the session, too.
>We're in the middle of combat, he's got this unconscious/dying hobgoblin. He drags it across the room, and wants to manacle it to a thing. I say he can pull out his manacles and secure the guy.
>Proceeds to ask "Can I <do some other action here> as a bonus?"
>"Ugh well fine I guess it's DM's rules." His exact response, I'm not joking.
>I've learned that not only does taking damage in combat cause a temper tantrum, so does rolling badly on a skill check.

At this point in the game, we're like, 4 sessions in and I swear I've heard more from this guy than anyone else. He insisted that he would attempt something, and if it didn't work he would keep trying and keep asking until he gets a yes, meaning that he's the only one ever doing anything, and he gets fucking pissed if you say no.

I'm gonna drop the whole group just because this guy is a friend they can't just kick out.

>> No.40364038

Tell me about it. Entitled, nasty Mexicans all up in the US.

>> No.40364355

>maybe a chef

>> No.40364425

"If you're going to throw a fit, leave."

>> No.40364471

> I have a really, really shitty group playing 5E, and I don't really enjoy it(...)
> I'm gonna drop the whole group just because this guy is a friend they can't just kick out.

1. How does the group feel about it?
2. Why do you describe the rest of the group as shitty?
3. If the whole group is shitty, why stick around? It's not like you had incentive to try and salvage the rest of it...

>> No.40364861

As a DM I usually keep a little notebook with a nice cheatsheet of my PCs skills.

Because it's easier than having to ask each time.

Also the best way to deal with that is to kick that guy out of your house.

>> No.40364981

Ultra-super implied trap rape.

>Calls someone a faggot
>Is a faggot by association

The feels are your punishment or reward for listening to me.

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no game is better than bad game.

>> No.40365454

Same here, must be a common thing with barbarian players...

>He only plays melee-heavy characters, mostly barbarians.
>Can't roleplay for shit.
>Gets really mad when he takes any kind of damage (even when he willingly runs throught a trap)
>When he gets mad he refuses to play and tries to kill his character
>Otherwise he act out of revenge, usually robbing or PKing the other members (be them NPC or players)

This is the most "that guy" he went:

> I'm DMing (as always)
> High death rate campaign, more than 1PC/session, the group was fine with it
> Some party members fuck up a secondary mission pretty bad, they force me to summon a secondary BBEG.
> The newborn BBEG proceeds to spread mayhem with an army of undead.
> I ask him what he's going to do
> He wants to battle the BBEG
> The rest of the party is running like it's the end of the world

At this point I was all like:
"oh my, very heroic of you, sacrificing your character to save more people, here let me create a stage just for your battle, in which I will narrate your heroic sacrifice, I will also tell you how many people you saved, based on the turn I need to kill you.
IF you manage to kill the BBEG (that would require a huge amount of luck, but it was not impossible) you can even rerail the story and avoid the meh ending"

> I then proceed to create the map.
> I narrate the speech given by the town guard commander
> He says "I skip it all and rush to the frontlines"

Ok, I was expecting that, so I tell him "Here is the battlefield, the undead army is coming from the underground, so they will get out from these spots, you will have to defend this entrance"

> He ignores me and rushes to the first underground entrance
> He wants to get in it
> I tell him that it's suicide since underground there's the BBEG, with the whole army
> He responds "it's what my character would do"

TLDR: He suicided for no reason because he felt his character was "doomed"

>> No.40365968

>1. How does the group feel about it?
They've all been friends longer than they've known me.

>2. Why do you describe the rest of the group as shitty?
Mostly just a lack of being in-character at all, approaching everything as a game mechanic, and generally not really doing anything and letting the asshole drive the entire game despite playing a fucking 7 INT character.

>3. If the whole group is shitty, why stick around? It's not like you had incentive to try and salvage the rest of it...
I stuck around for 4 sessions. I don't see it getting better, so I'm just dropping it.

>When he gets mad he refuses to play and tries to kill his character
Yep, this is exactly what happened.

His fucking Elf Rogue with like 7 HP at level 1 was hit with an arrow, brought to -1. Failed one dying check, then stabilized. He was out for combat since there was no healing spells left in the group. His response? "Fuck it I'm dead just let my character die."

This was the guy who showed up day 1 with a sheet insisting that he has 2 companion characters who are servants to him and can fight if needed.

Now he INSISTS on forming a "tribe" in-game, which basically amounts to him deciding by himself that if he intimidates every enemy he beats, they'll just follow him. I gave him one little useless goblin just to shut him up, but when I made the goblin refuse to go into a castle occupied by hobgoblins and shit, he was like "Ugh fine I guess I'll play along, your the DM."

Like, nigga I'm being nice just letting you have the fucking goblin to carry your stuff.

>> No.40366067

Goddamn, you're one edgy motherfucker.

>> No.40366118

>Yep, this is exactly what happened.
Maybe it's the same guy and we don't know it.
Mine too had an elf rogue, that due to backstory had some assassins on his tail, then he decided that he didn't like being a rogue, so he ASKED the DM to let the assassins catch up to him and slit his throat...

He also asked me multiple times to kill his char when the character got ill and the party was forced to carry him around (and I refused)

>> No.40367156

True, there is no game that is better than a bad game.

>> No.40368556

I hope Reversible gets continued, I just finished it and it was great.
Knowing nippon, it probably won't, but I'm holding out hope.

>> No.40370247

>dnd 4.0
>be me, DM, dm's girlfriend, dm's roommate, random girl who's friends with dm's gf.
>DM's girlfriend hates killing animals of any kind
>unspoken rule from DM that killing living creatures is forbidden (i.e he threw zombies and elementals at us)
>whatever.jpg I'm having an okay time, despite she's clearly the one running the game

>DM takes party to a cathedral
>white dragon shapeshifted into a woman
>friend's roommate: "is she hot, or older?"
>she storms off
>silence amongst us
>DM gets up to go check on her, he looks frustrated but gives no tell of what he really thinks
>I look at roomate of DM. "Welp that was a slight overreaction."
>DM's roommate: "they're both getting evicted this weekend. I'm fucking done."

and that was the last time I played dnd.

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What the fuck

Is there's more to this than you're letting on?

>> No.40370304

more importantly, was the DM's GF's friend hot?

>> No.40370397

my reaction exactly.

She's incredibly liberal with women's rights and all.
It came across as an innocent enough question
>"Is she hot...or older?"
Unless it was an incredibly subtle jab at her sensitivity, I honestly would expect it to be a legit request for information about the character.

I had no problem playing the game, given that the DM had already adapted it to prevent his gf from getting pissy (as a control mechanism) and I was fine going into the game realizing that she was a special snowflake...
but I had noooo anticipation of how volatile she was.
You wouldnt expect it from looking at her as well, she looks like you're average, well-adjusted adult.

>> No.40370454

she's full blown feminism just like DMGF.
>attractive scale
>personality scale

she seemed much more conversational than her friend.
I would like to believe I could do better.

>> No.40370487

>I would like to believe I could do better.
poor, deluded anon

>> No.40370558

I shouldn't have softened the phrase.
I can do better.

>> No.40370591

>I can do better.
poor, deluded anon

>> No.40370831

Whats that comic about?

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Bump, please!

>> No.40372034,1 [INTERNAL] 

So this was just two weeks ago, my friend was DMing a group and one of his regular players was going to be gone for a few weeks so he asked if I could fill in.

>D&D 3.5
>PCs are halfling assassin(me), human fighter, half-elf bard, and saytr druid(that guy)
>mission to stake-out some courtyard where black market deal is going down
>all PCs show up early and disguise/hide around courtyard
>that guy decides to pretend to panhandle instead of just wildshaping into stray dog, w/e
>targets show up, that guy casts detect magic on one of them
>targets notice, cover blown
>that guy panics and uses his panflutes cause sleep in 60ft
>We remind him that that would put the party to sleep also
>"I'm doing it anyways"
>DM strongly recommends against that
>"I'm doing it anyways"
>all targets were elves, immune to sleep
>half the party gets put to sleep for 60 rnds
>our bard gets murdered by elves
>the shithead runs away and leaves us
>That guy throws a fit when the party gets pissed at him

TL;DR Saytr PC screws over party, gets mad when we blame him

>> No.40372034,2 [INTERNAL] 

Have one humorous one.

>DMing and RPG
>It's an off RPG, piloting giant robots.
>Guy makes a character.
>He's some kind of war veteran, cool.
>He picks stats.
>Stats are very low and he has no piloting skills whatsoever.
>reflexes 2
>I say fuck it, let him play.
>he asks for a special suit.
>Actually good idea, I have to make it though.
>He then gets very talkative in game.
>Very loud.
>I'm not very confrontational, I'll let this guy do his thing, while the party deals with the fallout.
>He gets hit with several missiles, and the party bails on the mission
>He doesn't come back again.
>I just say his guy is found out as having had lied, and ask if the party wants to use him.
>Acting 10.
>Nope. He's not touching a mech.

TLDR Stolen Valor in a military themed RPG.

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