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And, if you can stomach TVTropes, here it is in handy simplified pieces.


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Cyberpunk 2013/2020 pdfs


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That's missing Firestorm: Shockwave, the other half of the 4th Corp War.

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What systems do people use for their cyberpunk? Personally I'm inclined to use GURPS Cyberpunk, unless I need something like Shadowrun's Essence system or CP2020's special skill things for each role.

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>The Belonging Kind
What the actual fuck did I just read

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I like it, reminds me of Kowloon Walled City

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I remember that one. I was equally confused.

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Not anymore

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> It's about the greatest movie never made.
Eh, I'd say that's debatable. Jodorowsky makes art-movies that are batshit insane and he does literally say he wants to rape the source material (but with love), so I'm not so sure how his style would lend to sci-fi epics. But on the other hand, it would've been a visual masterpiece. Especially if he would've been able to pull off that continuous zoom shot going into the galaxy.

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Only 4 more years till CP2077!

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If you say so Mr Pondsmith!

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CDPR said no news until 2017, and they tend to start putting out news about 2 years before release.

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Ok, what about the classes and how they work?

Thanks anon.

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Outstanding, 5-star post. Thanks.

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"Petra" by Greg Bear kind of touches on it

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I heard that netrunning sucks in it.

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Infinity's world has the Catholic Church reunified and one of the primary lobbies of the PanOceanian government. The Church has a monopoly on resurrection tech and revived its militant arm with its own private army used in conjunction with State forces.

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Anyone got CP2020 art?
They look so beautiful.

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>Cyberpunk thread

When was the last time you went outside? We're LIVING in cyberpunk.

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>When was the last time you went outside?
>on /tg/
Guess. Half of us are probably on 80's hardware right now

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Shit, how did you know?
Did you hack me?

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Why wouldn't I?

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You fucked up this time, buddy.
I'm dispatching a Crisis Team to your location now.
Hope you got good life insurance.

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>thinking I didn't proxy my proxy
>thinking I'm not still in the matrix
>thinking I didn't reroute that Crisis Team
No, buddy. You fucked up

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>baited into Swatting yourself

Totally using that.

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>thinking I won't just reroute them straight back at you
Now where did I put those killsat access codes...

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HEY! That was my trick!
Now you're just cheating

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Remember: drones aren't punk enough for cyberpunk.

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Say bye bye, punk.

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But I have a day jooooooooo.....

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Another one bites the dust.

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Actually that's very accurate

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Is there any cyberpunk setting that deals with something along the lines of an extreme silicon shortage or some sort of Prohibition/ roaring 1920's theme

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There are orbital NATION STATES in cyberpunk. I don't see why this couldn't be cyberpunk.

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I love the aesthetic, such a shame that it would make a terrible gun. Might as well have a pistol with a long magazine.

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I actually enjoyed that movie a lot.

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I think he has a song where he straight up quotes Neuromancer.

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After playing the newest Witcher game, I have re-boarded the hype train for this.

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Only downside
>Sunburned head if you're a whitey
you tan up quick though and that goes away
Source: I shave my head.

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Cyberpunk the game, or cyberpunk the genre? Because a genre will often have examples that bring in elements usually outside the genre, those don't in themselves make it part of the genre. I mean, magic isn't cyberpunk just because it's been used in cyberpunk novels and RPGs in the past.

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Well I'll be honest. I've only recently gotten into strictly "cyberpunk" stuff. And after reading Neuromancer (which has orbital cities that govern them selves) I just assumed it was a thing. Then again, the author of Neuromancer didn't even anticipate "cyberpunk" becoming a genre, so space stuff might be out. I'm no expert.

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Gibson loved space stuff, but it just never became a staple of cyberpunk. His orbital short stories in Burning Chrome are amazing, but perhaps not the most cyberpunk.

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Blade Runner's usually called a cyberpunk thing and it's heavy on the sci fi. Big problem with the genre cyberpunk is that it's sci fi which means that it bleeds in with the others easily.

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I like it :) love the body analogy you do for the city

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I just replaced it with the editted version. You should skim it and tell me if I'm doing enough.

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Red Star Winter Orbit was all about living on a space station, and was written by gibson and sterling. If that doesn't make it a staple of cyberpunk nothing will

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I'm going to bump this thread, and also direct you guys to this cyberpunk world building thread >>40307951

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