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>advertising lol meme humor

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I like to think that the part of the Emperor that is currently in the throne is the angry grampa part of him.

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I like it. It's fun and actually want to see where it's going with all the inquisition thing

>> No.39222108

I like it. It's made me laugh pretty hard at times. Anyone here seen EliphiastheInheritors BEHEMOTH video? That shit's great.

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Religiosity is in my mind the worst one. Makes the Emperor seem like some sort of super autistic fedora lord in space. The others are pretty good though.

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>Makes the Emperor seem like some sort of super autistic fedora lord in space

Working as intended, then.

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Feels like a fanfic but I lie some of the stuff it does
7/10 it aint bad

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I enjoy it.

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It's alright.

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It's probably not funny because it's a Swedish guy m8. Humor doesn't translate well over cultures.

That being said, pointing out how pants-on-head retarded 40k is is at least done well, and the characterization is alright.

Redoing the 1st episode made it a lot worse, yeah.


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Fucking awesome, it does everything right in my books.

Of course you'll always get people who hate it because they don't feel anything anymore.

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What's this about coming back to bite them? Story time?

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He literally killed all the religious people on Earth. How much worse can he be before that's what he is?

>> No.39223529

It did make me laugh my ass off at certain points.

Also the whole Custodes in loincloth is canon. There are official Custodes art with loincloth.

>> No.39223683

It's pretty much Canon.

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[Aroused snickering]

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Alfabusa hit the jackpot with this.

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Also the latest episode about the history of the galaxy also made my day.

Old Ones behaving like old all-powerful farts, Eldar breeding like rabbits and Necrons being presented in their old fluff as angry goth terminators.

>> No.39223881

it has taken a setting stalled by little businessmen in suits and ran away with it and advanced the plot forward so than it has ever done in 20+ years

also its hilarious to hear the big Emps talking through a T-t-S device, that in itself is gratuitous fun.

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it was a great episode.
Kitten's reaction at the end could be summed up in

>> No.39223955

its a mixture of both old and new fluff if what the series has implied recently

>> No.39224098

This is the funniest part of the entire series. Aside from the Tzeentch demons calling a custodes a talking bannana.

>> No.39224383

The best part is the Text-to-Speech delivers some lines with some actual punch and it's fantastic.

>That is absolutely fucking hilarious.
>Your awkward and trippy presence is not required

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The custodes are one of my favorite running /tg/ related gags.

Other than that? Fucking shit.

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Oh. Espcially the Tyranid episode.

>> No.39226105

If you didn't laugh your ass off when the Adeptes Custodes showed up with the body's of Wham, AC/DC, and Cars, then you have no soul and need to just go die.

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I don't really like it. The only part I think I ever got a real chuckle out of was Magnus riding that bike around. The humor isn't my kind of humor, and they're aren't taking 40k unseriously in a way that I find funny. I'd rather have them laugh about how stupid they are in universe, instead of making them stupid and laughing about how that must be how it is.

Unfortunately for me, it seems overall everyone else widely approves of it, so I'm going to have to live with the fact that others enjoy talking about it or just leave with 40k altogether.

>> No.39226286

Go back to cleaning your rifle, dirty Tau

>> No.39226331

So I haven't watched it in a while, last I saw it had just got to the second season and I have no idea what you're talking about with Magnus and stuff...

My point is that I enjoyed it but just haven't had the time, but you've watched more than me despite disliking it... So why the fuck did you watch so much? Huh? Why the fuck man, if you didn't like it, would ya keep watching it ya little whiny bitch?

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One of my favorite series. Magnus, Little Kitten, The Custodes and of course the emperor are some of the funniest characters to me. The series is a brilliant little gem amongst an almost desolate and empty 40k video enviroment. I wish it all the success in the world and hope to see more of it antics.

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Spent far too long with Magnus and Captain-General at the start. I did rewatch the reaction to Emps origins a few times though

>> No.39226517


He needs at least 4 other people on hand to stop him from making the video nothing but Jojo references.

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A lot of my friends are from the Alfa Legion Steam group. I get get sent the links to videos sometimes, so I ended up watching a few out of season. I figured, 'hey, maybe this later episode might be better than the earlier ones?' But it wasn't.

I mean, I didn't want to be a dick. I tried to like it and watch some of it. But I just never really enjoyed it. And then I got mad when people kept bringing it up because I didn't enjoy it, you know? And even though I try to just ignore it, still annoys me. I can only hope people just get bored eventually.

And I know, deep down in my heart, no one is going to make the joke that I'd find funny - an Apothecary from DoW saying 'The fallen will be forever remembered as the Emperor's finest" with a Dark Angel looking pissed in the background.

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>The fallen will be forever remembered as the Emperor's finest"

>> No.39226644

Chapterhouse studios lawsuit. GW lost.

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The words, "Fuck the hell yes" come to mind.

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>"And maybe some shrooms?"

>> No.39226971

I know, it's not particularly funny, but I like it.

I guess another reason I don't like the Text-to-Speech humor is that it's not really making fun of things as much in an in-universe sense. The big E is acting like 40k fans do - the sane dude who obviously has all the answers, and is mad over what everyone else has been stupidly doing. So it really comes off as bashing the lore more than actually making fun of it, and you're supposed to be laughing like 'ha ha that's so true I think this is stupid as well.'

>> No.39227000

I enjoy it immensely.

>> No.39227156

>And then I got mad when people kept bringing it up because I didn't enjoy it, you know?

That's not a good way think going through life, you'll just end up being pissed off all the time.

>> No.39227228

>People never stop spamming you about something you dislike
>You're not allowed to get mad

>> No.39227272

Oh you meant personally, I thought you meant just hearing about in general. Sorry for the mistake.

>> No.39230093

It's like the only thing 40k I can stand.
I really wish this guy would make some Fantasy videos.
Or one with Sigmar and Emprah interacting.

>> No.39230609

I wish it was canon

>> No.39230808

Weebu get out of here
read The All Guardsmen Party and the Greater Good

>> No.39231557


Has it's ups and downs.

Better than the canon though.

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