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note: you can also solve this problem by not playing with dickheads.

then again, you'll probably be facing an IS assault regiment if you have more than a star anyway.

at least you can dodge the kicks at that point though.

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FSA is designed to stop Savannah Master swarms and the like. It doesn't do a great job of dealing with really small engagements (like two light mechs should not be the same as a Warhammer), but it is very effective at larger fights.

Clan forces in general are penalized by the way that BV2 so drastically overvalues speed.

I've seen some people balance by C-Bills, and I've found that it actually does a pretty good job of keeping things fair.

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You do realize there are at minimum two people opposed to you, right?

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No tracking number but you got them within a week? Guhh..fucking hell. I just checked my receipt and it's been 17 days since I put my order in. Welp, that's what I get for living in a winter wonderland. I'm glad posting my list helped you out, though!

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You've got a lot in the way of mobile forces, and little in terms of stuff that can hold a line. Keeping that in mind I created a highly mobile Lyran company...

SCOUT LANCE (4,737 BV, 4/5 pilots)
>Jaguar 2 (Probe+TAG+Anti-Infantry)
>Dasher II 3
>Wasp WSP-3S (ECM+TAG)
>Firestarter FS9-M3 (Incendiary+TAG)

>Thunderbolt TDR-11SE (ECM)
>Stalking Spider II (Anti-Infantry)
>Shockwave SKW-4G
>Thunder Fox TFT-L8

LONGER RANGED PEW-PEW LANCE (6160 BV, 4/5 pilots - BV calcluated w/ Crimson Hawk [standard] cost)
>Avalanche AVL-1OB
>Crimson Hawk Custom (Anti-Infantry)
>Scourge SCG-WD1
>Griffin GRF-1DS

You've got a lot of flexibility with the two support lances; I thought about doing stuff like throwing the Scourge into the Kerpow Lance or putting a longer-ranged TFT-A9 in the Pew-Pew Lance. The thing that annoys me the most is the Wasp; it slows down the entire friggin' scout lance and there isn't anything I can do about it that unless I'm willing to go grab the Griffin IIC 8 and bloat the hell out of that lance's BV.

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I don't think anyone's posted it yet.

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Well, I had asked for an FWL force, not Lyran, so yeah. But in the capacity of an FWL force that would be backed up by (in this case, JES III's) lots of SG LRMS, having lots of TAG is a good thing, and that's pretty much what the 3S is. I should have attached the Custom C-hawk. Its a much closer range machine than the normal version, and while a bit slow, might be better off in the scout lance, with either the Wasp or the Dasher II swapped to the long ranged lance.

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>Mobile light lance
>No Spider variants

For shame

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This is my lance. A Raven, a Jagermech and a centurion backed up by two atlas'

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>5 Mechs
That would be a start there, anon.

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Lance is a 4-unit formation. Otherwise, neat.

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>Never heard of extended lances
Stay <3000.

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I've heard of augmented lances, stars, reinforced lances, and whatever the hell it's called that the Marians use. They all mean >4 mechs. You just gonna say lance, that typically implies four mechs.

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That image reminds me - I feel that we have a severe shortage of BattleTech reaction images. Especially mini-based ones.

What mini would fit the part of "I have the strangest boner right now" best? I am trying to find a reaction image to match my feelings towards the Front Mission manga I just discovered. It is rubbing my robosexual tendencies just the way BattleTech does.

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Welp, I derped. Hmm.

SKIRMISH LANCE (5,878 BV, 4/5 pilots)
>Jaguar 2 (Probe+TAG+Anti-Infantry)
>Dasher II 3
>Griffin GRF-4R
>Firestarter FS9-OX (Incendiary+Angel+Bloodhound)

CLOSE RANGED KERPOW LANCE (5,609 BV, 4/5 pilots)
>Thunderbolt TDR-10M
>Stalking Spider II (Anti-Infantry)
>Shockwave SKW-4G
>Crimson Hawk Custom (Anti-Infantry)

LONGER RANGED PEW-PEW LANCE (5,354 BV, 4/5 pilots)
>Avalanche AVL-1OB
>Thunder Fox TFT-A9
>Scourge SCG-WD1
>Wasp WSP-8T

I swapped around a few things simply to reduce the reliance on imported machines. You could also turn the Wasp into the Marik variant, then throw it into the Skirmish lance and the Griffin into the Pew-Pew lance (after turning into the -5M...*shudder*)

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Ohh, Front Mission huh? How about that there Front Mission: Evolved?

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Why not the 3M? Hell of a lot better Griffin, without being derpy as sin like the 5M.

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The 5M's easy enough to upgrade, at least. Strip the 3 extra DHS, make the LRM 10 a 15 rack, add another ton of ammo. If you want to improve it more, add HFF armor (which gets you 8 more points while saving 1.5 tons), put Artemis IV on the LRM 15, and replace the Slas with a ERML. Now you've got a LGR griffin that doesn't suck.

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ded thread
bump with art

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Anyone want to remind me why that omni is considered so bad, again?

I just used its prime config in a small skirmish and it did just fine.
I mean, it was by no means all that good or anything; it ended the skirmish dead with no kills to its name.

But it could always bring a few weapons to bear no matter the range, and took a bit of killing before it took. Even after it ran its missiles dry it still did a respectable amount of damage jumpin' and shootin'.
My main gripe would be that it's kinda boring, really.
Or wait. No, my main gripe would be knee missiles.

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I like Avalanche too. Not as good as Wendigo, but a good IS omnimech nevertheless.

I can understand why they call it bad In-universe. A proud Nova Cat warrior should never pilot an IS mech

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Mainly that it's so plain, and ends up being an upgraded Whitworth most of the time. From a design perspective, fixed JJs and CASE are dumb on an Omni (particularly after the invention of IJJs and CASE II), and the configs are generally the sort of thing you'd expect to see in 3060 or so. 16 tons of pod space isn't that great either. So it comes across as boring and outdated, which leads to people considering it bad.

A config with MMLs would also have been nice. Say 4 ERML, 2 MML 7s, 3 tons of ammo. Basically a hybrid between the Prime and the A (Which should have the leg SRMs in the torsos for visual continuity, damnit).

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>reddit has a Battletech section
>it is shit

what a surprise. /btg/, please tell me you aren't one of those "I like Battletech more when it was Mad Max" guys.

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Thoughts on this 3145 Era 8th Lyran Regulars medium company?

Alpha Lance
-Zeus X ZEU-X4
-Thunder Fox TFT-L8
-Scourge SCD-WD1
-Griffin GRF-6S2

Bravo Lance
-Lynx LNX-9R
-Enfield END-6J
-Gauntlet GTL-1O
-Gauntlet GTL-1O

Charlie Lance
-Nightsky NGS-4S
-Uziel UZL-3S
-Clint CLNT-5U
-Vulcan VT-5Sr

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It's plain, it's simple, and the pod configs repeat a lot of the same weaponry.
And that's why it's a perfect omni for Mercs.

And their upvote/downvote thing circlejerks everyone into acting the same way. It's a farce, and I think that it certain respects it might even be worse than the official forums.

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You sound bitter...

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...be happy! There's plenty of salvage for everyone.

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Fuck, that picture reminds me of that sweet as visual theme Nova Cats had by the end of the Dark Ages.

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yeah, I am kind of bitter when they say the new Eras are worse than Succession Wars. Specially if they talk about plot-holes. The biggest plot-hole of battletech is the lost of technology between Star League and Clan Invasion, but they always forgot tho mention that

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Dunno. Haven't looked into it. I haven't touched Front Mission stuff in such a long time before this comic that I can't say anything about the games anymore.

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going to kill this thread and create another with the polls on it. I am really interested to see how old/young we are

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new thread


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Ah. I was poking fun since FM: Evolved is an incredibly shitty game. They decided to try to make an Armored Core type game. Third person, control a wanzer, customize, etc. It's executed horribly and the writing is so horrible it's absurd. I suggest checking out an LP of it if you're in the mood for some cringe-worthy stuff.

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Man, nobody's gonna tell you that FASA was perfect, but a technological apocalypse is way more plausible than, say, FM:Updates' magic warehouses.

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anyone else getting the MF 0:05 message and being told that its an invalid or deleted file when they try and download the two new book links in the sticky?

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