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This is gridless, but it is very close to 300 tons.

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Subcraft like that should also get a maintenance guy, so 22 tons. As a smaller docking port isn't going to be best for maintenance, you may want to add a common large bay so the fighters can be rotated in at need.

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I feel like a great waste of a weekend would be calculating the dtonnage of the moon and making a buffered planetoid vessel out of it.

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An engineer for every craft? You could probably swng one for every 2 or 3 craft.

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For routine stuff, yes. If your fighters get their shit kicked, though, you'll want the manpower.

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More than a weekend.
Diameter: 3474m
Radius: 1737m
volume = 21,952,706,180 m3 or 1.57 billion displacement tons.

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i think i'm going to need a bigger sheet of graph paper

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Ready, gridly.

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If 400 tons is preferred, I can widen the entire hull by one grid, which would add about 48 tons, increase the fiddly outline bits in a few places, bulk up the nose dock thingy a little, then hang a custom Cutter (non-Modular) or Pinnace underneath for the rest.

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Here it is widened. The presented hull is around 350 tons, and an externally mounted subcraft or two would take care of the rest.

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That's no moon!

Also, you're about 1000 times off.

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Okay, so what're the real figures, then?

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For the most part, my players have largely ignored the plot of the game and have spent almost 2 whole sessions doing trading between a small cluster of worlds and whatever random encounters/other stuff I've thrown at them. So far they have amassed 36 million credits and are now trying to get battle dress and man portable artillery. I am at a loss for what to do next.

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Why did you let them straight up trade and get 36Mc in two sessions? The trade tables shouldn't let them do that well, and you certainly shouldn't Spanners should be thrown in the works.

Even if they get the guns and armor that shit is illegal on most worlds. They won't even be able to step foot on most planets while carrying that stuff.

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Have a planetary government arrest them on tax fraud charges

Take all their money and dump them on a prison world

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About 1000 times yours, according to wikipedia.

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Bank Error. 95% of their credits are gone.....
they contact the bank.... the bank tells them that [character related to the storyline] withdrew all the credits.
(might have to check t he security footage to correctly ID the thief)

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Calculator here. Yeah, I missed the m to km conversion, so its a LOT bigger.
like 10exp9 bigger.
1,570,000,000 billion displacement tons

Bigger graph paper indeed.

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might have to buy a Graph paper manufacturing plant for this one....

Hell Traveller PCs could spend their LIVES hollowing out a moon and probably not get very far

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Hey, I had that as our ship in a traveller game I played it. Well, before I took over a landed frigate with nothing but my wits and some jump boots.

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Jesus, have you even been applying taxes and tariffs? Fuel costs? Maintenance? Trade permits? Angry merchants trying to dissuade foreigners from muscling into their market? Pirates?

36 MCr... my god. And to think I was angry that one of my PC's managed to use the Dilettante book to amass 2 MCr in estate... at least estate ain't wholly liquid, damn.

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Dollars to donuts they are misusing the Commerce Purchase and Selling mods.

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ZAON was gorgeous, but showed every indication of putting the cart before the horse, as it were.

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I'm not even sure how you'd get the costs for things, since the graphs only go up to a certain hull size... I guess you'd have to reckon them out by plotting the costs as they are on a graph to get a rough formula as to where they'd end up on such a large scale?

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Let them do their deal, then pull a Zorg on them.

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Some of that can be handled by High Guard (either edition) since it states a lot of systems as percentages of the total volume, or as per ton costs. You would still be making a lot up, though.

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A group of hijackers infiltrate a cruise liner, taking up positions in the crew and among passengers. Just as the ship is about to enter jump, the hijackers seize the bridge with extreme prejudice and reset the jump to a different system. Even if the ship does call for help, it's long gone before any could get here.

During that long week in jump, the hijackers work to methodically take over the ship. With the PCs fighting back, I imagined something like Under Siege and Die Hard, but aboard an interstellar cruise liner. But I also thought about a game run as the hijackers, and how exciting that could be if done right.

Depending on who wins, either the hijackers wind up with a major trophy or the defenders enjoy a week-long party as they head home.

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I could use some ideas for possible bounties. I've got several in the works, but more could help.

Currently the group ditched the "main" plotline I tossed at them, and skirted a trap station that would have had a great tech payoff if they had gotten through its defenses before probing and ditching. They play it very safe, but now their ancient ship needs maintenance before it will fly again. What sort of trouble can they get up to on a high-class colony...

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I love it! the in-jump week would be nothing but combat and drama! quite then opposite of usual

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This Session:

>PCs need to refuel both their ships (SC Courier and a Corsair)
>SC Courier has Maneuver drive completely destroyed
>Orbiting a high-law 1950TL world
>Vargr captain of the SC Courier discusses with the captain of the Corsair, a Droyne Thief, what to do
>They decide to send the corsair down to skim fuel from ocean
>Corsair enters the atmosphere, descends to sea-level
>Spends 50 minutes trying to get the Siphon equipment deployed - Very old ship, kicking things to get them working
>Siphon enough fuel, return to orbit, and transfer the fuel to the stricken SC Courier
>Corsair returns to the planet, goes to fill its own fuel tanks, after a couple hours...
>What's that on radar?
>Naval Battle fleet shows up, closing on the Corsairs position.
>Corsair leaves, after firing a warning shot with a beam laser
>Captains discuss the situation, and the Vargr (Lieutenant Valghar) tells the Droyne (Quann) to "just go down to a different part of the planet and finish refueling"
>Corsair re descends, continues refueling
>2 Hours later, a mass of jet fighters show up on radar
>Quann, the droyne captain of the corsair, Decides to weather the storm and continues to drink his coffee
>The Jets attack and begin hitting the Corsair with everything they have.
>Quann passes dexterity check not to spill his coffee
>After half an hour, Quann is refuelled and good to go, and only sustains minor damage to the sensors
>Machine guns and rockets for the 1950's fighters eventually damage the avionics bay...

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>PCs decide to dock with a small space station, get rid of passengers etc.
>Droyne and Aslan go in to look around
>Droyne smashes out the passenger and trade chores, then looks around for some trouble
>notices a tug boat crew...
>Aslan and Droyne apporach the crew
>One of the crew immediately challenges the Aslan, say he's been wanting to fight a cat-man for a long time!
>Aslan Decapitates the Solomani there and then. 1 hit. dead.
>Awkward silence in the space port for 1.5 seconds
>Conversation continues. The other Tug-crewman is a Vargr, and is scared shitless
>Droyne leaves and stealths over the the airlock of the Tugboat
>Aslan continues to talk with the Vargr Crewman, they get a drink and negotiate tug prices
>Droyne hacks his way into the Tug boat
>Kills the mechanic on board; laser rifle at close range in the back of the head
>Guy never even saw it coming
>Droyne spaces the body and cleans up as best he can
>Meanwhile the Aslan has negotiated a 30% discount on the tug prices, and learns about how the Vargr hated the Solomani Crewmember he killed, and that there was 1 more crewman back on the ship;
>Good guy, mechanic, wife and kids, heart of gold, great friend
meanwhile we're all laughing out of character, knowing this man has just been killed
>Droyne sneaks out of the ship, and waits by the door
>No one ever notices him
>Aslan concludes his buisiness, and goes off to get in touch with the captain
>Droyne waits for the Vargr Crewman to come close
>Waits for him to open the Iris into his ship
>Droyne follows in just before the iris closes
>Vargr notices the Droyne and there is a brief struggle
>Vargr manages to take the Droyne's Rapier
>Droyne draws a laser rifle and knocks the Vargr out
>Moves in close and Coup de grĂ¢ce
>Spaces the body, cleans up
>returns the the space port, buys a drink, splashes himself with it

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>Droyne and Aslan meet up, Aslan ask "where have you been?"
>Droyne responds "gambling and drinking!"
>Aslan thinks something is amiss, but isn't able to work out exaclty what's gone on...
>Party meets up again
>Droyne manages to cover his tracks and lie blatantly to everyone
>Mfw now they have a tug boat.
>Mfw i hadn't planned any of these Tug Boat Shenanigans
>At least they can use the engine parts to fix their SC Courier... that will save them 7.2 MCr

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Gotta love that Tigress

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What is that, the USS Pac-Man?

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Wakka wakka wakka ZAP

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Welcome to the big boy's league.
This is from Mongoose Supplement 3, Fighting Ships.
The next 37 pages go over the deck plans for this 500,000 ton monster

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Not sure if I've worked this out correctly from high Guard, but does the Spinal Meson Gun inflict 80 Damage and 10 Crew radiation hits?

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For an interesting comparison, here's the Classic version, from CT Supplement 9 : Fighting Ships

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Well look who it is

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A Broadsword landing

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Its the motherfucking Imperial Navy.

Get your papers ready, boys.

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Mars as it is in 2013

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Mars in Traveller, 5525, after centuries of terraforming

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very cool

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