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>dem heels
>dat midriff
>dem armwarmers
Clearly she is a professional who is ready to do battle at a moment's notice.

I apologize for posting that image.

Meh. Thumbnail was small, it's posted now, learn to enjoy it.

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don't care

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I'd like to request a 4e tiefling girl (pic related, but that's just reference for the race, not the character herself).

We're looking at a full-bodied figure, deep red skin, glasses, auburn hair cut into a bob. Her horns curl like those of a ram. She prefers to wear what are effectively leather dusters, as they're easily enchantable and cover the entire body, without looking bad. Her weapon of choice is a jagged silver pact blade (basically a dagger with runes etched along the side). Finally, she'll have heavy duty boots.

If anybody's willing to pick this one up, you have my gratitude

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I've got a character I've been meaning to get drawn, but nobody has responded the times that I've asked in a drawthread. If someone would be willing to pick this up, it'd be greatly appreciated.

Following the post style of >>27819507

>Caeri Talran. 22 year old 4e tiefling (pic related, for reference to the race), 5'7" 140 Lbs female warlock. Works as an arcane bounty hunter. Visually, the best description for her is cute, something she definitely dislikes. An "Adventurers" aesthetic works best, with leather armor and the like being a mainstay. She wears glasses, and her weapon of choice is a silver athame.

Let me know if that doesn't work, and I'll come up with something else

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Play with a friend of mine tonight.

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I've got more, but it's sadly not on this computer. I've been having a lot of fun in my current game playing with the Tiefling story hooks in 4E, specifically trying to rebuild the Empire and find a way to pry the race from the hands of devils. Hence the collection

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pump words and sentences through an acronym generator.

A lonely man = Noel Laymen

name for sorcerer who was marooned on a deserted island and went mad.

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Moving on to the rest of my Tieflings folder.

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Is there a source or artist for OPs picture?

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Speaking of sexy tieflings...What, we weren't?

Well fuck that then.

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So, my mates and I finally started our D&D 3.5 campaign and the DM encouraged us to go for classes that we normally wouldn't go for, starting at level 1.

We have a human duskblade, an elf druid, and (had) a tiefling ninja (me). DM said that since ninjas were shit I could ignore the +1 LA. Anyway, we levelled up and the DM said I could become a level 1 rogue instead of a level 2 ninja, so I took him up on that offer.

Basically I'm wanting to know what pitfalls there are to being a rogue, and how to avoid them. Also decent feats/multiclass options.

I'm going to stick with the whole 'ninja' theme, though. Our DM also is fairly generous with magic items. Our first adventure is over and we already levelled up after six encounters and gained a magic mace, cloak, and several hundred gp.

tl;dr lvl1 rogue in lvl 2 party, what do I build besides what looks cool?

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