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Pretty much anything from the 1600s to the mid 1800s that isn't too frilly will work nicely. As the other anon said, decorate with space stuff, particularly weapons.

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IIT: Funny moments from games you still talk about:

>>Lone Wolf campaign
>>PCs staying at a coaching inn, on a protection mission for a cargo load they were hired to deliver
>>Middle of the night, bandits sneak into courtyard and attempt to steal wagon and cargo
>>Shadakai Buccaneer character runs upstairs to his room and performs a spectacular dive throught he window with swords drawn to land on the foes below
>>Realises his room overlooks the street, not the courtyard where the bandits are, detailed description was given earlier
>>Other PCs rush downstairs and begin fighting the bandits
>>Buccaneer spends entire combat maneuvering down street and around corner into courtyard. Shows up as the last bandit dies.

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