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>mfw I have 2

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They are Helbrute that can replace the multimelta with 2 blastmasters and the option to buy a Doom Siren.

It's in the FW FAQ

Also, they are literally Helbrute, they don't have their own Dataslate, so Fire Frenzy works on them.

Absolutely glorious.

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First for Sonic Dreadnoughts

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Well, Zanchui have those.

I managed to find him alone, just by lurking on google. You could too.

Also, I saw a few converted from Venerable Dreads. They look like some work was done, but nothing too pro.

Or you can praise the Dark Prince very hard, and get one free original FW discarded as it was defective piece. Just a little bit of work and a couple of bitz and it's brand new.
Thanks Slaanesh

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Could it be that GW realize that Helbrute can't completely replace the original Dread, and so, give us a plastic kit?

Sonic Dread was one of the most awesome piece they ever made, with some truly awesome rules.

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A third Sonic Dreadnought

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Sonic Dreadnoughts are good.
Noise Marines aren't bad either in artillery mode.

Blastmasters everywere.

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My Sonic Dreadnought is a beast that almost never disappoint me. I had to give him a story.

>Theperius the Actor
Theperius is one Emperor’s Children of new generation.
His homeworld was a loyal, rich and acculturate world close to the Eye of Terror, and when a warband of the Emperor’s Children raid it, he was capture, still a child, and enslaved.

He travel with a warband of Emperor’s Children, becoming full part of the crew/slaves and directly introduced to the perverted circles of pleasure and pain, agony and excess.

But unlike others, who die early into those ships, he endured… and fall. It was the only way one can survive after all.
When he reached the right age to become an Astartes, he was already full devoted to Slaanesh and was selected to replenish the always lacking ranks of the warband.

What follow is a career of devastation.
Becoming an Astartes, he participate in wars mostly against Xenos, especially Eldar, whose souls are greatly appreciated by the Dark Prince.
He was slain when his warband attacked Word Bearers into the Eye of Terror, hoping to steal their resources.

That was not the end. A freshly made Dreadnought tomb was available, one of the product of the new Forge Worlds owned by the Dark Mechanicum.
He was entombed, but one flaw suddenly become obvious.

When put into sleep, Theperius started narrating a story. Some theatre opera, one he heard in his youth on his acculturated planet, before the kidnapping and the years of misery and slavery, that someone remerged from his memory.
The story was one about beauty and love, of calm and peace, passion and contemplation.

This was seen as a disturbing flaw and nothing else, and was leave it that way.


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Fuck those people.
FW is legit.

I have the same problem here in my LGS, but I converted them.

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