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But in terms of playing out a campaign where you blow up central Europe by accident, does OW capture big ol' fights well or should I keep things around the players?

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It is fun you dumb fucking nigger.

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>The whole group is playing wiki classes, the DM requested it


Either you're trolling me, your DM is trolling you, or your DM is fucking stupid.

Everything on dandwiki is notorious for being absolute garbage and if this is your first D&D experience then I honestly feel sorry for you.

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So why don't you just have it as an toggle option instead of blanket banning it?

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Glorious /tg/, I picked up chapter master and wanted to ask a few questions.

>How the fuck do you give somebody a bomb to clear out that nigger tomb?

>How does one talk to other governahs' to enable recruiting?

>Why does the inquisition give me a mission with a time limit of 14 months when I takes 23 months to reach the fucking target planet?


Might as well have a 40k thread while we're at it.

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an oldie
>a bunch of faggot commies are protesting outside my house.
>less than 3 of them hanging out outside my house
>laugh and summon a firestorm over them
>faggots cancel it out
>do this ad infinitum
>all out of tricks
>so are they
>suddenly realise there are a lot more of them now

mfw the commies have opened a recruitment office down the street and are sending the recruits to join the protest

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I just make sure that the public is fed pure garbage that implies that space travel is either impossible, too expensive, or not worth the effort to gradually dwindle support for any of it.
Also I swear to God if this is Zebxas again, you know damn well what Lord Xramel said about posting on the Earth internet

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Probably not.
They were pretty damn well isolated, Horus' fleet was the first contact that they'd had with other humans since the Age of Strife.

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This one needs a name, I'm not a 40k fan but I love Cromartie

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So what if the title's in some other language?

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>At times. Maybe. If you roll well enough.
See, at that point though, you may as well say "You can do everything but you have to roll a nat 100 for it."

In such situations, we end up with something like Deity quest. They had consistently rolled 90+ for EVERY single roll in the quest. However, when they finally had hit average rolls, it seemed as if they were suddenly so much less powerful, competent, and generally what the entire quest had displayed so far.

Consistent power levels are, and always have been, important in a quest. Well, I say that, but several absurdly popular quests have had so much swing to them it's unbelievable. Regardless, I think you understand my point.

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You know, I perfectly understand what you mean. But that doesn't mean /tg/ isn't going to fully attach themselves to the first person they like immediately and waifu the shit out of them. Leading most likely to a pure and chaste relationship. Maybe with a side of exhibitionism, with the boyfriend showing the girl off or some such.

Still though, depends on how you handle it I guess.

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Lets take bets to see who will win the seat in the game. I swear that the Wyald mutated faggot will get in though.

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Yes, you're right. However unless you're covering the entire planet, completely uniformly, every inch with it's own payload, then yes you can dodge the ground zero of most of the bombardment.
But even then, such a bombardment wouldn't actually be stronger than his own attacks anyway, which he can completely shrug off.

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Welcome to /tg/, where anger is CELEBRATED.

So, fuck you, you shit-drinking, fart-sniffing, dress-wearing living flaw, and fuck you for ever thinking you have ever had anything worth posting.

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Hey /tg/, I'm doing an Imperial Fists army. But, I had a question. How often do companies get mixed? I've painted some of their trims Red, but I've found I prefer the black trim.

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>Have Airbrush
>mfw when doing fists
Also, it's not the yellow, it's the fucking checkerboard on the pauldrons.

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guardsmen are versatile though

>you like that blue milk don't you gue'lla? pay homage to my blueberries

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Rolled 44, 13, 16, 88, 34, 23, 99, 54, 15, 6, 47, 6 = 445


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> "Get up, /a/, you're in my /tg/ thread!"
> "Yeah get up, /a/, this isn't even your board!"

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You're pretty cool for a "muh sandcastle" supporter

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Ehh, its respected more over all, a Space marine Chapter is an amazing trophy, and one which garners respect, but only to those who have face the space marines. now, an Autarch is recognized to all Eldar as a top notch fighter.

Space Marines are Mon-keighs

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>Adam confirmed for Space Marine

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