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Yessss! I just nerdgasmed.

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>Their turn begins
>Pretty Titan doesn't manage to get any Void Shields back
>It turns its guns upon me
>Everything MISSES or doesn't do damage.
>Weaboo neckbeard who owns the Titan stares at me
>Smirk, slide my thumb across my neck, then make the sign of the Aquila.
>Suddenly, The titan to its right turns its guns upon me as well
>Weaboo neckbeard got one of his buddies to take out the shadowsword.
>Track Damage
>Weaboo stares daggers at his buddy
>Our Turn rolls around
>The Invigulius opens fire at the Pretty Titan
>Explosive Reaction
>Explosive Reaction
Entire team crowds around me as I pray to the Emperah for assistance.
>Roll a 6
>Entire team begins clapping and laughing.
>Weaboo neckbeard stares dumbfounded

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How about a /tg/ rage thread? I don't think I've seen one before.


Here's what I got. I dare you to read the whole thing

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