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My meat-parts are crawling. I'm distinctly, uncomfortably aware of my body's every seam between flesh and metal. "She's not dead, she's not alive, and she's not happy. Stupid cogfuckers, this kinda rig is... not fine, but, but functional in a ship, or something else big and complicated and mobile. A station like this, just orbiting, and ... there's not enough input, stimulus. She got bored, then she got a really quiet kind of crazy, and then for the last who knows how long she's just been waiting to die. Look at this..." I lean forward, tap readouts with a mechadendrite. "Neurotransmitters, tanked. Neural activity, barely there. Input/output... there's the signal from the altimeters, that's all she's getting, a number, getting smaller."

Mousy-girl gently lays a hand on the cold metal of the column. "The spirit is... sad? Lonely?"

"Or so bored she decided to stop breathing."

She looks at me wide-eyed. She's chewing on her lower lip. "Can you ease her pain? Sir?"

I can't answer. I can't look at her. I look at Vera instead. Vera's staring at me with quiet confidence, patiently waiting for me to come up with some transcendently brilliant plan. I've never been able to convince her I'm not the genius who made her. I'm just the husk that person left behind when he died.

She's carrying my case. I've got stimulants in there, maybe... my cogitator runs through the list, and the theoretical effects. Some act on organs the cortex doesn't have anymore. Some would kill what was left. None would wake her up, happy and functional. She'd need a massive flood of nerotransmitters, and I just can't think of any way to make that happen.

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/tg/ i have a question
when you say "marine players" and "marines all that is bad in w40k" do you also mean chaos space marines?

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I suppose anyone with any nurgle miniatures dies a horrible horrible death?

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You can still change your mind later.

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