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Those are hotshots. The power cables show as much.

Hellguns used magazines.

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Shepard's team has the beacon in place. Get ready to drop.

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Alright you fa/tg/uys. Try me.

>Black Crusade
>Heaven Shall Burn-Combat
>Snapple Apple

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True, you can field both. But the Sharks make for excellent troop deployment. Just one squad of these puppies can vomit out 400 guys on the ground. Plus, depending on what your GM says, you can fit light armour support into their holds. Like say, Chimeras or Hellhounds. Logically, it shouldn't be a problem, but check with your GM first. But yes, Valks have them beat in the coolness department. You will have no argument from me there.

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I now want to see this, even though it would be the worst disaster ever.

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>Stormtrooper Operators operate while operatin

We gettin /k/ in here. I like it

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Using it for OW.

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mfw no one i know wants to play shadowrun. well, not mfw, but no sense in messing with the image dump

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I know I shouldn't, but I'll bite;

>Your mechanics don't even understand how they work
Lasweapons are actually one of the most well understood technology in the imperium. What's amazing is that they all use a universal power pack, and even your average braindead peasant (PDF trooper) can work his head around servicing one.

> let alone know how to make improvements.
The hotshot power pack was created as a direct improvement over the regular lasgun power pack. They made hand-held lasers as strong and penetrative as boltgun shells.

The main reason why they don't introduce it as a galactic standard is twofold; one: to save money on training, since the hotshot requires actual maintenance to work at full capacity, and two: implementing a new universal standard on an entire galaxy-spanning empire is a logistical nightmare.

>but hellguns are just slightly less shitty lasguns
3rd edition nerfs to encourage weapon variety. 2nd edition Hotshots were S4 with a -1 modifier.

>but the hotshot power packs in the cruddex..
are actually pretty powerful, when dealing with anything that isn't a group of space marines. Battlesuits just don't have the numbers to deal with the amount of AP3 coming their way.

Their only disadvantage is price. Stormtroopers have always had that, though.

>calling lasguns primitive
>Tau pulse-weapons still need physical ammunition

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that's just the colour scheme I chose. Take a look at the helmets. Helghast have traitional-looking helmets, these stormtroopers have "boxy" helmets not unlike the marines in Halo.

Mah nigga.

Need to dig out my old metal Cadians so I can ally my stormtroopers with stuff.

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Some thoughts on the logic of your story-
>backwater death world where plagues and radiation were as common as wine on a pleasure world, mutations were common
If mutation was so rampant on this world that the majority of the people were funny-looking, why would being funny-looking be a problem? Wouldn't that make the 'normal' people the mutants? What people consider as mutation varies to an extreme degree in the Imperium, and what passes off as attractive in one world may get you burned at the stake in another.
>He was a human. He would join the Imperial guard and die a glorious death, earning his place at the Emperor’s feet. He had no illusions of greatness; he could not advance or become anything more than a simple guardsman.
If he is perceived as a mutant on his world, than he can likely kiss his chances of making the Guard goodbye. The tithe numbers are typically drawn from the elite of a planet's forces, and they're definitely not going to give up that position to someone they consider an outcast.

I think the writing itself is decent, you know how to write up a scene and all, but I would suggest coming up with a plotline that doesn't come off as quite so self-pitying.

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Not OP here.
I tried running a BC game but it was a rather failed attempt.
Would you be so kind and give me some examples of what you said? I guess its the best idea for enemies I've ever heard of.
Also, anybody has some stories or whatever?
We were noobs while playing BC so my players just played the generic CSM and the generic khorne berserker (the berserker was even more fail than anything), but I couldn't help them on making their characters more... fleshy I guess.

Sorry for the amount of requests here but I just want to learn as much as I can, and maybe someday run a succesfull BC game.

Tl:dr - Ideas for CSM characters, or cool CSM fluff.

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