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Typical of socialists, conversing with each other in secret covenants beyond the prying eyes of the common people, preaching of shared wealth and equality only for the elite few to squander the wealth and live the people with nothing.

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Let it never be forgotten that milk most assuredly comes in bags.

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The best English writers care not for the petty rules of the language they write their stories in any way they want and let those of anal retentive natures deal with the most minuscule of details.

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It appears the mods are more lenient of this particular rule, I've seen Esh Esh constantly promoting and using /tg/ as a means to advertise her traditional gaming accessory business earlier this year.

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And you aren't running any or Kabazauls or Sabersauruses?

I find your choices in deck design less then desirable.

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Then pray with all your heart good sir, that Moot finds a profitable way to keep 4chan online as long as he remains alive.

And pray that poor sod sires a son or daughter competent enough to manage this image board even after his death.

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Then diverge good sir, with the new changes our great Moot has implemented it is entirely possible to have two roleplaying threads on the first page without cluttering it up and causing a ruckus.

Let the few who wish to indulge with themselves to continue to do so, but it shouldn't ruin your fun in your favorite past time.

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My apologies for not meeting your personal standards of articulation fair sir.

I am but a broken visage pulled onward by a diseased mind chained to a crippled body worn down by the grind and toil of mediocrity.

What little creativity in verbose or poetic prose I have left I spare sparsely.

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Not many gentlemen are privileged of having a dynamic IP good sir.

It is very erroneous to assumed that if one individual has it, then everyone must as well.

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I do not question the appeal of My Little Pony.

Although I would say that the entire series is overrated and over glorified. And I suspect elements of the more obnoxious members of the furry fandom had something to do with its notoriety and wide spread infamy.

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Yes you should actually, as Solemn judgement will decline in price recently, and its price will fall even further with the release of the new Structure deck that focuses on counter angels and thus its next reprint.

However I wouldn't get solemn warning, it is quite expansive, and getting a full playset new will cost you about 100$.

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Moot is simply doing what he thinks makes the best business sense.

He is only trying to make 4chan more marketable. And there is no crime in making your most favourite hobby profitable. Outside of traditional games of course.

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Since you asked so kindly.

In the very beginning /tg/-kun the most of glorious neckbeards and of boundless girth. Hooked up with /ck/ when she presented us a instant microwave brownie microwave. In exchange for this gesture of love, we gave her our best recipe for meatbread. And thus we dated.

However there is trouble in paradise, you see /co/ had his eyes on /ck/ for the longest time, and this continuing relationship with /ck/ threatened to break our friendship with /co/. Thus after many threads of arguing, raiding, trolling and general shitposting, /co/ stole /ck/ from us.

/tg/ didn't take to well to this break-up, and he determined to change himself for the better, so he began exercising, eating healthier foods and thus /tg/ turned himself to the long haired and skinny gentleman you see before you.

Around this time, /b/ was on the move, with Moot constantly bombarding /b/ with irritating music and video clips, /b/tards sought out better pastures, and soon befell /x/ with all their debauchery.

Homelss, and deathly scared of her sister /d/, she turned to the only person who can stand with eccentricities, and that person was /tg/.

And since then, /tg/ was always the shoulder /x/ can rely on to cry on when times were rough and when the eldritch horrors seek to devour our reality.

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What I have notice that is extremely peculiar about the gentlemen who discuss about all the wonders of Battletech game is that the majority of them are namefags and tripfags.

In fact, in this thread alone the simple 3025 vs 3050 debate by a handful namefags and tripfags as we speak.

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Batteries require metals good sir.

Even if we manage to grow potatoes we can't turn them into batteries if we do not have access to sufficient amounts of zinc and copper.

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To be fair good sir, I belief a gadget variant splashed with the Jinzo OTK did win a Championship series tournament, some time ago last year.

However to enlighten you, the reason why gadget decks are top tier for so long is that their whole underlining strategy is based on war of attrition.

To keep summoning gadgets to maintain hand advantage, to whittle away the opponent's lifepoints and card advantage via direct attacks and cheap one for ones. Machina fortress became stable now in this deck archetype, solely because gadgets in the past lacked the ability to deliver a consistent yet explosive finishing hit. Many duelist didn't bother running Jinzo because the dark attribute meant they can't use solidarity to boost the meager gadgets' attack power, and it just didn't synergize well. When playing a gadget deck you want to normal summon floaters that replace themselves not large targets to die to Opponent's removal cards. Maintaining card advantage is key.

Machina fortress provided an outlet for multiple gadgets to be discarded when they are not needed from the hand and is a large capable beatstick that can take care of almost any threat directly or indirectly, plus it can special summon itself from the graveyard, which Jinzo couldn't.

Utility over overwhelming power.

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I think good sir, he was referring to the old Lord of D. and Flute of dragon summoning combo.

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Its for the same reason why many special operation forces still use combat knives, such as the kukri.

They are not intended for combat, but are prized for being multi functional, reliable and simple survival tools.

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Because a large portion of their works are sexual in nature, good sir.

Dranon delight ring any bells? Or the shenanigans of the Green Marine?

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Good sir, that requires trust and honesty.

Two attributes that vehemently contrast to the behavior and habits brought about by anonymity.

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I don't recall the girl's name, good sir.

But remember she was his love interest for a time. The last I've read about her, she lost all her memory and was living with the old blacksmith who gave Gutz his signiture sword, automatic crossbow, and cannon arm.

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Really good sir? I find that fact quite counterintuitive.

In 2008, Moot attempted to troll /b/ by playing the "Row Row Fight The Power" song on that board in a finite loop, and automatically banning everyone who does not type "Row Row Fight The Power" in the comment box field. This caused a serious migration of /b/tards that infested most of the major boards, /v/ and /n/ in particular were hardest hit.

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Good sir, as you should know the internet is a vast and borderless, multicultural space of interaction.

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Good sir, the explanation is that they have released a new version of the YVD a couple of months ago.

All farther updates are directed specifically to the newer version.

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