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Change IS the goal

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> Wake up from a delicious dream about crashing a planet into another planet as a part of some grand experiment
> Grab some coffee
> Realize 1) it wasn't a dream, 2) you're missing some key ingredients for the experiment and 3) and you're on Planet A
> Well, shit
> Open a portal to the Warp mid-thought and step through to a planet across the galaxy and 100 years before you left
> Research the effect of setting gretchin on fire for a decade
> Reach the conclusion that gretchin do not react positively to fire, but add that more data is needed
> Remember why you came here to begin with
> Equip the gretchin with flamers on your way out and tell them there's candy inside the space hulk towards galactic north
> Commandeer passing civilian freighter, go to Rynn's World
> Learn Esperanto along the way
> Give explicit instructions in perfect Spanish for the void shields to be lowered for 2.5 seconds at 12:48:57 PM for you to pass through
> Crimson Fists do it anyway, get hit by a missile from an intern you hired six weeks ago for this very moment
> Set up a lawn chair, chronometer, telescope and camera on a beach as the next wave of Greenskins attacks Pedro Kantor's ruined fortress
> Vid-capture a planetoid filled with screaming flame-belching gretchin colliding with a hive world the next system over
> Send the video to Terra addressed to the High Lords, marked "Tape 2/4"
> Set orks on fire until your mom picks you up at 3:00
> Only it's not your mom, it's a bird daemon that shits fire and only understands Esperanto

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