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what the fuck happened to my thread

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>I'm trying to surprise him with this so I don't want to do anything to tip him off
>Trying to surprise the gameMASTER

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Even though I really don't care for GURPS, I have a gut feeling this isn't quite real considering the recent topics...

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>gourmet class
That takes me back
>Preparing cake, assigned in groups to each bake a layer and get it done faster
>The layers are added, I'm off making the fondant.
>That Guy cuts it into the shape of a cock
>Says it's a rocket
>Not sure if the teacher was humoring him or if he was that dull to think it was a cake

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you raise some fairly good points, anon

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I'm making a homebrew for the first time and I have a class tree thing similar to FFTA and FFTA2 where mixing abilities along the way or training in different areas can unlock new jobs for the players

I have two questions about this:

>How do you go about balancing your classes so people don't automatically go for that one in particular without erasing it completely or gimping it to oblivion?
>I was suggested to add a brawler+summoner tree that involves a Stand User class ala JoJo's bizarre adventure but i have little knowledge about JoJo, any suggestions about that?

Other than that, a Homembrew and Homebrew Stories thread would be nice

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>it gains haste and defender
> shuffle four onto the battlefield.

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So when I was a little shit, I went to this place called "The Adventurer's Guild".

I remember going in, the place was on the edge of the ghetto, was run down, the paint was stained and peeling, the floor looked like it was never mopped.

I went over to the Warhammer Fantasy models, was looking at the models cause "Hey, This looks pretty cool, and I play Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay!"

As I'm looking at the models, this big fat guy playing 40k walks over and says "Are you gonna BUY anything?" I'm hit by this radiant heat of his body and this hideous body odor.

"I'm just looking right now." As I try to not vomit.

"Well if you're not going to buy anything just leave, I'm in the middle of a game." And he waddles back to the table. I took his advice and left.

This was about 12 years ago. I still remember it to this day.

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Do you realize what you've just done?

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OP, your family puts my shady-seeming Amish relatives to shame. I've always wanted to go search their little commune some, but I don't want to run afoul of anyone because they may not use electricity, but they certainly know their guns.
Personally, just like I wouldn't go snooping around an Amish town, I wouldn't go poking about a rural Vietnamese village mostly because you'll stick out like a sore thumb. It sounds like you've made up your mind, so if you do go, be careful.
That really does sound like some Innsmouth shit, so if you happen to find some half-snake people... wanna make my monster girl waifu dreams come true?

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