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Uploading update now. But apparently I have a real crappy connection so it'll take a while.
Fucking century link.

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Our acolyte group currently works for four Inquisitors.

The first Inquisitor is Inquisitor Rance. Inquisitor Rance works for the Ordo Xenos and sends the acolytes on missions to investigate Orks, Tyranids, and Eldar. He has a sword he calls Chaos which is rumored to be daemonic in origin. His bodyguard is a level 3 swordsman named Kenshin who is a beautiful Nipponjin woman in plate armour. There are rumours that he rapes captured female Eldar.

The second Inquisitor is Inquisitor Booker. This guy doesn't actually want to be an Inquisitor. However, he has this strong sense of duty and tries his best to get shit done. His whole operation is actually pretty underfunded. He works for the Ordo Hereticus.

Next is Inquisitor Who. Now this guy is a total asshole. Originally, he was supposed to be this joke Inquisitor who would send us to these "time travel" missions but we all knew he was just bullshitting us. However, GB's player took him over and actually turned him into Doctor Who. His Tardis actually traveled through time, he had a sonic screwdriver, and he even had regenerations. Inquisitor Who barely ever paid us and we usually ended up nearly dead after every campaign we did for him. Everyone except GB hates him. GB is buttbuddies with Inquisitor Who.

The final Inquisitor is Inquisitor Techa. Inquisitor Techa was originally an old character which was an assassin named Chrono Phantomhive. During a mission with Inquisitor Who, Chrono Phantomhive ended up going inside the warp but returned horribly mangled and disfigured. However, he received visions of Inquisitor Who destroying Imperial Worlds due to his dickery and vowed to stop him. He was rebuilt as the cyborg Baron Techa and using his vast wealth built himself a ship he called The Time Castle(It does not actually travel through time).

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Hweee kap-thoord dis threeed for kay-oohs! ^^,

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I remember a few WHOMPS as well thought.

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Ah sweet a cultist thread!

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BEHOLD /tg/'s hidden shame

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To be honest, I was always much more interested in FW's rules then their models. But that's simply because my income isn't anywhere near enough to comfortably afford a Forgeworld army. Not to mention, my painting could never do them justice.

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All times sex durning all session everywhere all time forever.

>stregium source
Oh this is the source of a lot of things, Captcha... Mostly the cancer.

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Dawwwwwww. One of these days I'm gonna pick me up a couple of SoB's just to fucking have em on display.

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>culte life

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My group: 4 Tzeentch, 3 Khorne...
The GM mantle usually rotates between us Tzeentchfags, making the team pretty evenly split every time.
We're good at pointing the Khornates towards what needs to die.

The first DH game had the Tzeench players as the Skum and two Psykers. All three fell hard to chaos, but were able to keep it a secret and continued thwarting the heretics for going against the greater plan.

All three of them survived to the end of the campaign without lasting injury.

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A hammer for the DP is fitting, it fits the siegebreaker and crushing force aspect of the IWs symbolically.

My opinion anyways.

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>Seven Virtues of Hate
That's awesome. Resonances with seven devils of the calixis.

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Nohting thoo silllhee foar Chaos! Hwee rhide inhtoo batthle wiht our heds held high! Wahrhammr is suphost thoo be sillhee!

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Why yesh, yesh I do.

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Did someone say cultist chan? I'm pretty sure someone said cultist chan.

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Hwee thought hwee would neh-vor see hyuu again!

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