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>>water mages are required to wear swimming attire instead of robes
I am okay with this

>>how does that impact your setting?
Not much I guess, it's a bit harder to get around on land though.

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It wasn't a scuba suit, they said diving suit. Like this.

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We know the bends doesn't occur at a specific depth but is more a function of how quickly one ascends. If we have a managed ascent (say removing one lead weight every minute or two and coming up over half an hour) we should be totally fine. However we are trying to use atmospheric diving suits (so we'll stay at about surface pressure anyway) so it may not actually be an issue at all.

The bottom is about ~100M down which we realise is actually further down than anyone dived in such a suit until at least about 1920 and these are very much bodged together suits. However in our favour we do have the wizard who if he senses anyone being likely to spring a leak can repair the suit before the occupant even knows there's a problem. Reasoning that the wizard allows for pretty much factory level precision repair at depth we feel pretty happy.

Satisfied we aren't going to just implode, the party sit on the edge of the 'Cod and fall backward into the water.

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There exists an underwater mining facility/ research center that housed over a thousand laborers, engineers and researchers. The facility was meant to be self-sufficient for a few months and had limited manufacturing capabilities, but when the surface went to shit it had to adapt. Any activity at the depths of the facility are extremely hazardous so things have advanced slowly beyond just keeping things from imploding and expanding some basic industry. Vary rarely there will be surface excursions to hunt for rare materials or to "refresh" the gene pool. The vessels are aging and the population needs to stay in pressure suits as their biology has long since adapted so any sightings by survivors see rusty, irradiated ocean life encrusted hulks rising from the sea, grabbing random things and people, and then disappearing beneath the waves. Conflict is rare and mainly hand-to-hand in the dead of night.

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It's more likely going to be a this (Pic related)

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Some kind of reverse diving suit?

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