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How many stealth suits can I bring before it gets annoying?

also why do fire warriors only come in 10 if in fluff squads are 12?

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>What do you think of GURPS /tg/?

HERO system is better.

That said, I come from the time where GURPS had you find cube roots of shit during chargen. From what I hear, the latest version is far less pants on head retarded.

While both have genre books, HERO's splat is more about 'here's how to apply the rules in the basic set to solve a specific problem for this genre' while GURPS seems to be 'here's a new rule specifically for this setting'. I prefer the former.

Were I to discover both for the first time in this day and age, I don't know that I would have made the same choice...but HERO does what I want it to do with as much detail and complication as I care to give it, and a minimum of fuss. I would at least say have a look at both.

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You can never truly defeat KAY-OSS!

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/co/ man-children par excellence
/a/ unfriendly assholes
/x/ freaks and weirdos
/wg/ pretty nifty
/k/ godly men among men, surprisingly friendly
/h/ err, uhh, never been
/pol/ I like your offensive, insensitive style
/v/ hurr durr noob - nothing interesting to say
/tg/ my people, good or bad

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Hello, fa/tg/uys. Look at hyoor waifu. Now bahck to me. Now bahck at hyoor waifu, now bahck to me. Sadly, she eesn’t me, but eef she stopped venerating the Ehm-per-hoor and sweetched to Kay-oss, she could cap-toor eet like she’s me.

Look down, back up, where ahre hyoo? Hyoo’re on a hive world weeth the waifu hyoor waifu could cap-toor like. What’s een hyoor hand? Back at me. Hwee have eet, eet’s a flag with the symbol of the Ruinous Powers. Look again! The flag ees now planted on a Control Point. Anything ees possible when hyoor waifu cap-toors for Kay-oss and not the Emprah. Hwee ahre een a Rhino!

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unholy fuck! its chaotic xmas up in this place

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Well, this picture isn't sexy at all. Ah, well, it's in the Cultist-Chan folder. Down, down, it goes my lads, down, down, to goblin town...

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I have a question for you: Which is better?
owning a hard copy of a codex or printing the pdf of the codex or just simply using the pdf on laptop or touchpad.
inb4 rage of course.

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Hey /tg/, I need some advice. To cut to the heart of the matter, how does one go about asking somebody to leave a group? It's my first time GMing and I've never done this before, so if there's some things to avoid besides coming off as a total asshat they are things I'd like to know.

Me and the person in question have already had a few conversations regarding his repeated absences (guy's missed way more sessions then he's made by far), and we've already touched on the topic of him dropping out of the game. So it's not like I'll be dropping an atomic bombshell on the dude.

Mostly I just don't wanna come across as "that GM". Also, have a cultist.

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40k Plot will never progress. Here's why. All of the current factions have been designed to maintain the status quo. Chaos exists because humans and Eldar exist. Chaos can never be destroyed as long as their are people to fuel it with their emotions, so humanity cannot destroy Chaos without destroying itself. Similarly, Chaos cannot destroy humanity for the same reasons (13 "failed" black crusades anyone?). Orks could wipe the galaxy clean if they united, but a Waaagh! that size would be impossible to maintain for longer than 5 minutes as no Ork is big enough to maintain control over that many. Tyranids and Necrons will never win because of each other, since they're both essentially massively destructive forces who want to eat the galaxy for their own reasons. They'd have to destroy each other to finish the job, and that can never happen. Every race is locked into their roles because that was how they were designed.

tl;dr Everything stays the same forever.

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3rd Edition "Post Heresy 40k" 1998-2004 6 Years
This edition firmly entrenched the game into larger armies and completely cut out many of the rules that slowed down the game in earlier editions. It also saw the beginning of the Dark eldar, and at the very end of the edition Tau, Necrons, Gray Knights and Sisters of battle. Yes 5 armies came out in this span, It also gained a lot of popularity in the US. The main thing though was that the army you made in second edition was now, useless in 3rd. the rules had changed so much, hell even the scale of points had changed so that a large 2ed army was now a grossly underpowered 3rd ed army.

4th edition 2004-2008 4 years "The search for more money"
Little changed between 3rd and 4th editions. the scale of things got bigger slightly and GW mainly used this to re release the core books and box set (because the Tyranids were redone heavily and the Dark Eldar weren't selling.) Small changes happened like the Tau update and the shift to more special unit heavy armies. It was the shortest lived edition yet.

5th Edition 2008-? "Vehicle Hammer"
Special units are out, transports and troops are in. As you all have seen 5th edition made mobile warfare more appealing and changed the scope of the game to support even bigger armies. the codexes that have been released seem to come out with either fan wank levels of absurd power, or lack luster writing because the people involved didn't really care for the army they were writing. Nothing in between. It has likely been the most polarizing edition of 40k yet.

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So somewhere else and make one, faggot.

P.S.: Sage doesn't do shit.

For Kay-ohss!

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Animated lolituma cultist version

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Hwe har nhao aneemayted fhor Kay-Oss

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you mean something like this?

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posting animated version of OP

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/g/ i saw a thread a few months ago showing some guy making an actual cultist chan model with instructions on how to, does anyone remember this and have links to the starting model or pictures of him converting it?

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