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Rad. Though I kinda wish more people knew about my boy El Borak. I feel like he'd fit right in.

Elf girl scolds her older brother for being rude, then politely declines the halfling while admitting that she's very flattered by his attentions.

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El Borak by Robert Howard is essentially a 'roided up Indiana Jones. He's an adventurer in the middle east in the early 20th century, battling cults, conspiracies, ancient civilizations, bandits, and other ruthless adventurers. It's Conan with guns essentially, quite fun.

Nah man, you're fine. Herbert made a fantastic world and has a lot of interesting ideas, but his writing style is pretty uneven. I consider the original Dune a masterpiece, but I stopped with Dune Messiah. I found the book too dull and full of navel gazing to be enjoyable. He was a smart guy with some interesting takes on philosophy, but it seems like he got very indulgent as time went by.

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