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Fantastic. I wouldn't normally like the music, but seeing the video has me sold.

OP. I think all these guys complaining about your dudes have forgotten the most important rule about 40k: They are YOUR dudes.


Why do you think the setting is so fucking big? So that anyone can make any army the want. You want guardsmens using snub-nosed assault rifles?

Go for it.

You want native americans riding jeeps and throwing demo-charges at Landraiders? Brilliant, do whatever you want.

It's not about other peoples opinions of the models you spent hours making and painting. They are your special plastic men, do however you feel with them.

The ONLY thing I would want from you is to try and ensure that whatever your using as a count as is CLEARLY a count as.

Pic related. That's a count-as greyknight baby-carriage, the creator wanted to use GK allies but decided to go a step further and make necron models to represent them.

They look amazing.

Keep crusading op: 10/10 would roll dice with.

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Looking for good 40k recasts but don't know where to look other than Ebay. Noticed people mentioning Chinabro and Strikeforce who I'm having trouble finding.

Anyone got names, links and experience?

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/tg/ I have a quick question that I can't find the answer to. In 40k, is there no concept of a universe? In the books I have read thus far and from the codices, it's always about "the galaxy", the galaxy will burn in flame, the galaxy will be consumed. Where is the universe talk, do the Astronomican not know about what's outside their own galaxy?

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