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They can't not make WFRP 4e forever

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I was aiming for this feel of character, though now that I think about it, straight barbarian might not be it. Fighter 11/Barbarian 9 seems good though, getting the three extra attacks from Fighter plus the bonus attack from dual wielding. Improved critical plus being a half-orc, and then brutal critical at 9th for a barbarian.

The overall idea was to just swing, swing, swing and crit as much as possible.

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Suggest races for me to include in my pseudo-RPG fantasy CYOA. I'm going old-school where Races & Classes are the same thing, but they're very broad brackets that don't limit characters to any particular roll.

Humans - Fighter, Thieves, and Magician as their Classes. Easily the most resticting, but very good at the thing they do.
Elves - playable elves come in Sun(wood) and Moon(High). Dark Elves are a thing, but NPCs only at the time. Mechancially they'd just be mean Moon Elves.
Dwaves - come in High Dwaves and Hill Dwarves
Halfings - Hillfolk and Citykin
GIants - Hill Giants and Ice Giants (the last remaining ancestors to the grand Mountain Giants of old).

For the first itteration at least, I want to have at least 15 Classes, and currently I have 11.

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Yeah, the Mark of Chaos campaign is really great. God, I need to go back and finish the Greenskin, Dark Elf, and Empire campaigns.

Anyone know how to make Mark of Chaos run on Windows 8.1?

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Warriors of Chaos are getting at least some new Nurgle themed stuff in October in addition to an End Times book, if it matters.

I'd say best way to get into the lore would be to read the current rule book and army books.


>And the entire line of WFRP2.

Not canon

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They lack advanced weapons and most forms of magic, favor fighting in melee, and when they're not raiding, pillaging, and plundering warriors and knights just roll around fucking up monsters.

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