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Do all of his followers know this?

Also in the old fluff he used to Chaos Spawn people who dedicated unworthy killings to him.

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Are there any good homebrew /tg/ warbands?

You get sick after a while of LEGIONS LEGIONS LEGIONS + Red Corsairs.

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well those I have in droves....so I'm guessing shooty armies became better than assault armies

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When Abnett's Gaunt's Ghosts started taking out Chaos Marines, that's when I stopped reading his books. Never looked back.

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As a long time NL player(since 2nd) WTF is a Raptor? They are a creation of 3rd edition. Aside from newer fluff they have no background. Raptors and this so called fast attack army thing are not a NL trait. Fear and terror is an iconic night lord thing. Guys with jump packs not so much. Give them negatives to enemy leadership, some sort of ability to disrupt communications to sow disorder and havok in the enemy. Thats Night Lords. Raptors are absolutely not iconic Night Lords. We are not the Blood Angels of chaos.

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Have you seen the guy's they're a threat to?

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That's all I got. Still looking for some of models though!

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dm two blackguards once

They started out lv 1 in a forgotten shrine near a small settlement; didn't last long after what they did at a village...

They wore blacken spiked platemail, and rode right through the villages street, both impaled an unfortunate peasant and drag their bodies along the road way. The men of the village called to arms and started to try to mob them. On well armored horseback and and using their longswords it didn't take long for them to slaughter any who resisted. when they started looting they found a civilian family hiding in a basement. They slaughter the father slowly, they impaled him to a wall then disemboweled him. Still alive he was forced to watch them obviously raping his daughter and wife. The beheaded his wife before him then he bled to death. The daughter they ripped out her eyes and fingers raped her again in the eye socket... yeah that's what they said and left her to die in the wheat fields. They then proceeded to decapitating the heads of the slay and sticking them on pitch forks and such. Their god was obviously Erythunul and he was pleased, with them (he lead them to a cache of his +1platemail armour). However that's when i decided the knights of Pelor would have something to say too...

They spent the next three hours running through the woods from the wrath of three paladins two of em level 2 one level 4 on a paladin's horse. Until finally they were cornered in a cave and the 4th level alone dispatched them.

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>Gav turns Chaos Marines into saturday morning cartoon villains


>Matthew turns Necrons into saturday morning cartoon villains

OMG so cool!

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How secret is the existence of Chaos in the Imperium?
I mean of chaos marines and other chaos worshipers, but more importantly of daemons and the chaos powers themselves.

Some sources state that even space marines are partially kept in the dark regarding the true nature of chaos.
Does the average citizen even know that the Horus heresy happened? Does he know about the traitor legions taking shelter in the eye?

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>Its like if someone nowadays decides to write a soap opera novel about Jesus Christs live.
But doesn't 40k in its GRIMDURP entirety play out like a soap opera? The vast armies of humanity fighting desperately against all sorts of unimaginably evil evil, while *shock*, they aren't really even good guys themselves. Seems pretty dramatic and theatrical to me, which is why I like it in a lot of ways.

>at all cost
A bit strong perhaps, such a hyperbole would probably fit well in a soap opera. :P

>Stupid idea and doesnt work at all.
I'm actually enjoying them quite well. Care to elaborate as to why you find them stupid and bad?

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Games Workshop suddenly decides to do the same thing to your favorite non-space marine 40k army. You now have a stupidly huge main codex along with a bunch of codecies for specific sub groups within that army, what does your favorite faction look like afterwards?

Pic Related, There is a large base Chaos Space Marine Book along with books for the four main "Dedicated" legions (Death Guard, Emperors Children, World Eaters and Thousand Sons).

There are a crapton of new and fairly good first wave model releases followed by some silly looking models, followed by some retardation.

Mat Ward has written the base codex and two out the four Legion codecies, Khorn now has "Blood Sorcerers" who channel blood and fury into psychic attacks, nurgle marines now ride giant ameoba's into battle. Khorn marines fought the necrons with the tau and left instead of killing their new comrades.

Abbadon and the black legion are considered the model for all unaffiliated warbands and all aspire to join their ranks even though none of them can aspire to the dark power that the chaos gods have gifted their favored followers. As such more than a third of the special characters that are used to customize the army are from the black legion, followed by a new Alpha Legion Character, a new Word Bearer Character, a new Iron Warriors Character with no sign of the night lords save for an army scheme and a brief mention in the fluff section of the book.

Several Avatar's of Khain have died to the hands of Abbadon alone.

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