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Hey /tg/, got me a question for you, realize it's sorta early, but bear with me.

Now, I have a 40k apocalypse game this saturday. Don't get me wrong, I love apocalypse, but the games can start to me a drag during the opponents turn when the numbers start getting up there.

I've also been playing a lot of battletech lately, and though it's a system designed for a much smaller scale, I really like the way it's set up, much more involved for both players.

My questions for you guys, is whether you have any experience playing 40k with an initiative order, or the You-go-I-go turn system of battletech.

Instead of me moving all my units, shooting with all my units, and assaulting with all my units, then having the opponent move-shoot-assault.
I was thinking instead of changing it up one of two ways.

Either A:
I move all my units, opponent moves all his units, I shoot with all my units, opponent shoots with all his units, I assault, they assault.
Example B: I move a unit, they move a unit, I move a unit... and so on until every unit has moved. Then I shoot, they shoot, I shoot and so forth, with the same for assault.

I feel that while this may be slightly confusing at first, given the scale, and possible slow the game down at first, it is much more involved than simply standing around for twenties minutes to a half hour watching large portions of your army disappear while doing nothing more than rolling armor/cover saves and ld checks.

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Best dialogue in the whole game.

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>implying you can prevail against the weight of my tank you filfthy xeno scum

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The 'Manders are moralfags and kick ass.

The Tau are moralfags and completely fail at everything.

Even when the Imperium plays nice it's still better than xeno scum.

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