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Surprisingly enough it is(ish). Noble background, family of "monster hunters." He uses a handcrossbow, but that's a pretty awesome pic anyway.


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We finally make it to the teleport room with the guy who casts the spell asking us what the hell is going on, why is the mansion shaking, HOW does a mansion not in a real dimension shake, etc. "Shut the fuck up and teleport us. Make sure you get my horses and dogs, too." He manages to cast the spell just as that bitch steps out of nothing and cuts his head off. I guess having your head detached from your body makes your concentration waver, because instead of putting us in my home city we end up at a circle that's overgrown by a dirt path.

Player (DM's second friend) who died in the dungeon's new PC walks up, turns out she's a ditzy hippie. Also turns out my animals were teleported into weird places. The horses are fine, but one dog is in a tree and the other is under ground. She ends up following us because she thinks I mistreat my animals or something, whatever, it's a reason for her to stick with the group. Now that we're not about to die CK, played by the DM quite well I'd say, grabs me and shoves me against a tree asking why he shouldn't kill me right now for losing his dagger. I point out whoever just assaulted a fucking pocket dimension is probably after us as well, and I tell him that I lost way more shit than he did and I plan on going to get it back. First we get back to my home city, gear up, have the guy who runs the portal there send us back, and retrieve our shit. Not the best plan, but I wanted my shit back bad.

We follow the path to a nearby town where we pick up the rest of the new PCs. One of them is my personal friend who I brought into the game to fill our roster, one of them is a random off Roll20, the last is the DM's third friend who made a character who is a part of the world's elite and notorious assassin guild. Go figure. It's about this time CK's player arrives. His exact fucking words, "I had a bad day at work today, I hope none of you fuckers piss off CK. I'm sorry if you do, cuz you're probably dead."

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