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no no no
it's simply a tavern that no one can ever remember having built

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>wonder if elevens will be a horde army.
No. Historically the Empire of Japan never had the man power or resources to simply throw wave after wave at their enemies like the Reds.
Even tactics like Banzai charges and the like were desperate last stand maneuvers.

Japanese even in early war will most likely be Fearless/Trained or Veteran as stated above and will most likely have their Special Rules tailored to make them Extra fearless and/or Modify their effectiveness when in Cover.

This is all assumption so take it with a grain of salt:

Offense: Japanese on the offensive favor speed and mobility when on the offensive. Infantry were a mainstay of the japanese force in the Pacific and were equipped and trained to move longer distances with more. (I wouldnt be surprised if you could equip Nip infantry units with bicycles for a few extra points.) Aircraft and Motorized units were also crucial when on the offensive to dislodge units infantry could not. Flanking, out maneuvering, and manipulation of terrain are crucial when playing offensive Japanese.

Defense: During later years when the Empire was always on the defensive and supplies were limited, each position had to last longer with less and sell their lives at a huge cost for the Attackers. For Japanese on the defensive masterful use of terrain and cover is a must, and each unit must be made worth its cost in points. Use of snipers, concealed defensive emplacements, and artillery are crucial to stalling and routing enemy pushes. Ambush tactics are also necessary for Defensive Japs.

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My first thought was this could be about competing interests warring over the discovery of the Khar-Toba, but Kharak was under a unified government by that point, and also this story seems to involve multiple wreckages.

I'd guess this setting is inspired by Homeworld, or possibly a reboot, rather than a literal sequel.

Homeworld Universe or not, it's an original soundtrack by Yes away from being my /v/ wet-dream come true.

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Wouldn't a good sniper team fucking destroy anyone in 40k? Any spess muhreen with balls or authority never wears a fucking helmet. Orks don't wear helmets. Tau, eldar, they are squishes in tin cans compared to an armor piercing round. The only things I see problems with are fuckin nids man.
pic unrelated

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This is how I dwarf craftsmanship

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>Make like the Arch of Nagasaki

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Okay, time to throw my hat into the ring.

Krishna, for pulling a Yahweh in the middle of a battle
The Chupacabra, because the idea of a critter called "goatsucker" is inherently hilarious
Gandhi, for Gandalfing the shit out of a superpower

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would thrun be a good edh general?

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