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>Let'sh shee Polog Almthun's cahd

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Hating elves is a traditional game. One of the oldest and most traditional and established of games.

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>me callen da Bois to bring best dakka and chopa

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This question doesn't really work. Daquan probably gave Jubei this type of "offer" because he'd been watching him and figured his personality would go along with it. If he needed the help of these other posters in the thread with their murderhobo tryhard edgelord answers, he'd pick a different approach.

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>Though I have to admit my priority will be spending time with my wife
You'z do dat boss, we'll hold down da fort 'ere till you'z come back!

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Looting the humans with out a single shot fired or choppa swing.

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I'm not sure it's a good idea to go over the entire first Tyrannic war is a good idea. There are so many events to go over and jumping around from place to place and character to character would make it hard for viewers to really get attached to any of the characters, which is something that Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and Suicide Squad suffered from. In Rogue One they bounced around from place to place to try to build a sense of scale, but we went through so many planets in such a short amount of time that they felt super bland and so we didn't give a flyin fuck about what happened to or the lore of these planets. In Suicide Squad's case we were introduced to 10 characters at once and trying to divide screen-time and develop all of them at once ended up making the characters bland as well. Keeping the story fairly small and focused on say one key event per movie would help make the story flow better and give us more time to learn/understand the galaxy and lore. In a second movie, now following Kryptman, the battle of Macragge would be a great introduction to the space marines and how they are battle hardened warrior monks who seem god-like in comparison to shitty guardsmen with laser pointers, maybe even have Kyrptman bring up Roboute Guilliman in stasis, alluding a little bit to chaos in the process. Then show them initially winning against the Tyrannids, but after awhile even they end up getting butfucked showing the threat of the Tyrannids is a greater than anticipated. I understand that many of us, myself included, want to see all of this stuff but shoving it all into one movie is just impossible to do without alienating alot of people and movies NEED to bring in as many people as possible so that they can continue and be profitable enough to do more sequels.

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We're going to need to escalate this to the shareholders

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What are the orcs major problems? Poorly statted? Overcosted?

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You guys should try killteam

We could even do a campaign

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Are MANZ worth footslogging? I was going to bring one for my killteam campaign, i need the powerklaw they provide on a sturdier(and less expensive) base than a regular nob but the slow and purposeful feels like too much

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What specifically makes the gorkamorkanauts bad? 240 points for the D and 5hp seems like a steal to me.

Though im new to the game so you know, theres that

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ive only ever played 7th. How did charge used to work?

I only play assault armies

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