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Why is the emporer so powerful if he is made up of only a few hundred shaman souls?

Thousands of Psychers are sacrificed everyday to the Golden throne alone.

Also why is he so retarded? Read the last church and he actualy thinks like a child.

Bad writing or intentional?

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So which figures would the emperor be throughout the history of mankind?

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How does /tg/ think GW can move the 40k plot forward? Impress me, I know you all can.

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The Emperor has remained alive and (mostly) functioning since the Heresy. That's one thing, and one thing only.

Now think further. The rest of the universe, the status quo, the grim darkness and only war still remain unchanged.

Now, how does this change things?

What does the Imperium think of the Emperor? Do they still unswervingly follow him, or have they begun to doubt? After all, it's one thing to lose faith in the idea of a god watching over you, but quite another to lose faith in a man, exceptional though he may be.

How have the millennia of conflict changed the Emperor? Do his beliefs about humanity still hold true? Is he harboring doubts about humanity's future? Has he taken up the sword again at any point? Has he sequestered himself within the Holy Palace, still alive yet dead to the galaxy around him?

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This is Mankind's only creed. Now and Forever.

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I've started reading the Horus Heresy novels recently and well I have to ask this. Why is the Emperor such a fucking moron?

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