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>Warhammer TV Tip of the Day:

>Downloads; Rules Errata and FAQs:

>Tool to Improve Battlescribe Readability:

>3rd Party Pastebin:

>/40kg/ Mega
you don't get one anymore

>Custodian's Megadrop

>Previous thread

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officers can order themselves, right? Voice of Command is an aura ability

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Can my officers issue the same order to different units? Voice of command doesn't prohibit using the same order twice

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I want to read a novel of Primaris Marines vs Tau.
Which faction wank will out do the other? Tabletop wise they're basically the same anyway.

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Today I tossed 10 eversor assassins, 2 culexeus assassins, two ironclad dreadnoughts, a chaplain dreadnought, and a knight achron against the Thousand Sons and Magnus the Red.
Once again out of all the assassins it was one or two doing everything while the rest were unimpressive but the focus of the game was trying to kill Magnus. I came the second close to killing him since he was first released, reducing him to 4 wounds. Ahriman was killed by the efforts of 2 eversors.
I would have killed Magnus for certain, but I made a terrible mistake and let the hellforged leviathan dreadnought interrupt me in close combat, taking 8 wounds off the knight before it fought which it just couldn't recover from, even though it did manage to hack the thing in half in one phase.
Funnily enough it was the chaplain dreadnought that almost killed it. It did an extra 5 or so wounds after the FNP roll which brought Magnus down to 4, and if it had been killed in Magnus's retaliation it would have fought again, which just might have been enough to kill, but it was only reduced to one wound and then stabbed by a demon prince. In the last turn if both Eversors had managed to get their charges off, I might have finished Magnus with their death explosions, but alas only one charged in and failed to explode. It was a fun game though, the good kind of silly

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>I have a chainsword and a power fist. I make 3 attacks with the power fist and 0 attacks with the chainsword, but I get 1 additional attack with the chainsword
The math checks out

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How much dice do you use when you play? I usually use four different sets when I'm playing. I have to rotate them to keep my rolls up

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>Not drowning enemy titans in men and flashlight
Away with you !

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So, I decided that while I finish up my dark angels army, I'm going to start buying IG sprues and start collecting. Thing is, IG is different from Space Marines pretty drastically. Orders, Vox Range, Command Squads, I don't know any of that.
So, what I ask, is if any veteran IG players happen to know of good sets to start with, and what to start building towards.

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As far as how much I've used flamers in my games, they're really fuckin' good on their own. I don't think you really even need to worry about having the Bulging Biceps talent to negate the need for bracing, since there's no Ballistic Skill test to make.

There's always "Crack Shot", good for most things, really, assuming you have the prereqs. An additional +2 damage on crits, basically.

"Hip Shooting" may be good, too, for having that full movement speed and still being able to get off a single shot in your turn.

"Mighty Shot" would be nice, just for being able to add half your BS Bonus to damage rolls. Add some more overkill to an already badass weapon.

"Rapid Reload", cuz' fuck 2 full rounds of reloading it. Honestly, there's so many talents that'd be good in combat beyond just things that'd directly effect your heavy flamer that'd be worth it to look in to.

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I believe that Only War is considered the lowest character-power game in the fantasyflightgames line. You are pretty much just an Imperial Guard, aka a meatshield for seven-foot-tall dudes in human-shaped tin cans.
Of course, depending on your regiment, your players' level of power can scale from:
"I'm literally just spamming flashlights"
Has anyone ever run an Only War campaign with an artillery regiment? Is it as hilariously entertaining as I dream it could be?

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Any word on what armies are getting an update this year?

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I'll probably keep the squad as them, their two comrades, plus two troopers to keep some semblance of possible fire and maneuver if we go that route. All the dudes would have basic personalities rolled for on the chart.

>players face when I'm thinking of force conscripting them as a prologue

It's also my first time GM'ing

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In the name of the Emperor I claim this thread for the Imperial Guard.

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*two of his dreadknights

the culexus assassins really pulled their weight too

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>Women are known to be genetically better at various things relevant to air combat though, like G-tolerance, smaller frames that fit into planes better, and so forth. Might make a good IA formation, especially if you can come up with something clever than the "lol valkyries" thing people always do.
My homeboy.
You could always just say that it's how their world trains them based on poorly thought out doctrine that they pulled out their asses, and because the regiments never report either success or failure back to the homeworld they just assume it's working. It is.

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The Heralds of Hektor have 250k Marines.

It's not exactly hidden.

You told me I was blaming Uriel. I showed you that no, I'm not blaming Uriel, I'm blaming the state of his writing at one time.

Jesus christ.

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Scions used out of the Militarum Tempestus codex can't take chimeras as dedicated transports, right? Only Taurox primes?

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>1000k space marines vs 1000k mechanicus
>one full tactical squad+librarian+terminator captain and a culexeus assassin die doing nothing
>One half tactical squad+2 librairans+terminator captain get stuck in a close combat meat grind for 5 turns
>Librarian kills Techpriest Dominus in a challenge, but also dies
>kill 3 destroyers and 3 breachers in close combat while being in combat with 9-12 of them (just about his whole army)
>Mechanicus player goes through almost all his Canticles fighting me
>2 librarians, terminator captain and 1 tactical marine hold out for 6 combat phases without taking casualties
>Guys only die when Breachers get S9 and the Captain gets shot by 3 grav cannons after falling back
What fun. I should have brought my Eversor Assassin

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