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Just had to come into this thread because of that sign. Made me lol'd. Too many times have I watched an MTG battle at the local hobby store and having to cringe my face cause I'm standing behind some fat dude that fucking smells like sweat and onions and breathes like a fucking camel. As if being heckled a neckbeard wasn't bad enough.

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Haha, oh kiddo...I already achieved much more with my negative loser ass than you ever will, BECAUSE I'm educated enough to realize that the world isn't a pen and paper basement with clear alignements and sexy unselfish whiteknights. Rot in mum's basement, I hope you will remember my words once you reach age 16.

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>Novels get written every year.

Those warhammer novels are more like fan fiction.They focus on small events that have no impact on the world and are mostly never mentioned again in another source. Their depiction of the universes is often contradicting to the canon.

>New developments happen all the time. e.g. Abbadon's black crusade

Already disqualified your comment here.

>They can even expand on the backstory and come up with new fluff for things that have already happened. e.g. Horus Heresy etc

No shit Sherlock, who asked for that anyways?Jesus..

>They dont have to move forward on the timeline to expand the universe.

Ah yeah well...that's kinda completely wrong , retard.They can expand the universe in the same way they can with LOTR and already did by randomly adding new/notfleshed out races (chariot warriors of Khand anyone)...but small hint that's no progress in the story

>None of this can be done with LOTR where everything in the universe has already been written.

See above.Your logic is retarded, laughable and disputed easily.

Should I add that I don't even play LOTR because I don't like the style of the movies?Your arguments are still fucking wrong, deal with it.

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>his name is raven

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>I know, I've tried

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"warewolf"? really? REALLY?!

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>>a Valkyrie, a Defiler, a Warwalker, and some ork thing.
>> looked so fucking good
>>My face

So sick of having to look at stupid, ugly conversions. Maybe 1 in 10 is worth looking at.

I wish GW would stop giving so many extra bits and just give us more guys in their kits. They should also use dense resin-like plastic like Privateer Press to make it harder for people who don't know what they're doing to cut/convert.

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I smiled.

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