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Please do not take these items.

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Thank you for that mental image now implanted in my mind.

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damn, no split kick? Well, I ain't drawing it either, ever!

Can you really picture her getting it on? Even though her mother was a whore/bard. Anyway, I don't draw the porn here anyway. I'm not going to throw a fit if someone does, but I'd rather let them be young and innocent for another week at least.

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Darn, if I knew /c/ was going to visit I would have straightened my hair... and put on pants.

A little more Noh action, just in case it's needed.

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I was actually just uploading some of today's work (not sure if I'll get around to anymore today, sorry). I also have a link to my blog on there, which is mostly boring... BUT it does have a post all about the comic I'm working on with two awesome people. Ya know, if you're into medieval lesbian love stories.

Man, I've been on this thread for a good 5 hours or more... hope I have this much time to practice my craft more often. Getting more and more confident with my tablet and photoshop is always a good thing.

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Cleaned up, word filled version of an older drawing, based on a few requests and my random urge to draw Noh.

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