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>Strides in, huffing, presumably emperor-blessed purified air, carrying her trusty stormbolter with her
>she scans her surroundings, itching to find heresy, or heresy accessories, her trigger finger was awfully itchy at the moment
>She looked around, trying to catch on any scent of heresy for immediate annihilation by her hand

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You've been contracted by GW to do a full Dark Eldar style redo for the SOB. They have demanded that they get at least 5 Special and Heavy Weapon options as they want to sell new basic sisters to existing players.

What do you give the SOB?

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Primal Devotees

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GW has decided they want to try to make doshmoney off the Sisters and have decided the reason they don't sell is they lack enough big models.

They have hired you to make a Gargantuan Creature for the Sisters. It doesn't need to have any prior mentions.

Where do you go with this?

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Could someone please explain to me why the nid codex is so bad?

Cause from what I have seen it seems to be pretty horrific, at least on paper.

What aren't I seeing?

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Something that is really notable with the Sisters compared to most armies is how very similarly they are all treated. There is all sorts of special characters to play different sorts of guard and even discarding extra codexes, Marines have Chapter tactics to separate them.

Despite that, there is a chart with the difference in the orders. If you were working on a new SOB codex, how would you help SOB achieve that sort of recognizable groups like marines, rather than them just being seen as one generic group?

On a related note: What sort of things would you like to see in a new SOB codex?

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ND, I'm that anon:


So... you pretty much made and entire new reproductive system just for making two girls with anemonaginas have sex and get pregnant?
There is an actual place we could talk about lewd weird stuff, or you just like to shitpost around 4chan?

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I've seen a few 'Let's fix SOB' theads before and, to be frank, I'm kinda bored.

However, let's see if we can brainstorm about one thing first.

Celestians. Veteran Sisters of Battle who are supposed to be skilled at both ranged and melee, yet end up serving neither function.

How would you go about making them actually work within that capacity?

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>Faith powers are not 1 shot but can be attempted every turn.
>Celestians get power mauls + bolters + bolt pistol and I4 base. Their faith power is Relentless + Furious Charge
>Seraphim get I4 base (Hit and run is kinda useless on I3)
>Cannoness' can take Heavy Weapons or Jump Packs so you can add them to any type of squad (As they have a hard time going anywhere by default)
>More Ranged Relics, Less Melee. SOB are not a melee army at their best.
>Penitent Engines gain that Mechanicus Walker rule (The +3 inches movement one) to actually make them fast but fragile, drop a bit in points.
>Give Repentia Crusader and a 5++ inv on top of the feel no pain so they can actually take a hit, since they are a footslogging assault unit that hits at init 1.

Celestians are a joke pretending to be a melee unit right now and it's never made sense that such a ranged-happy army can't give it's leaders a decent ranged weapon.

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Bump for any help.

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Unlikely, divine characters typically don't have familiars.
Outside of 40k anyway

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Does anybody have a scan of Imperial Armour 8?

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Have the SOB gotten a new codex? If so, please tell me it was gentle with them.

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Oh boy!
The game is Dark Heresy! I actually got to play it from the speakers on my vehicle as we went on a post-victory mass burning of all heretics in town.


Ahh, who am I kidding, it's pic related, you all guessed instantly.

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Rolled 37, 43 = 80

>Nation name: Maverus Prime, Home of the Order of the Burning Sun and Shrine of the Incinerated Saint.
>Government type: Ecclesiarchal Theocracy
>Fluff: At a time of great peril for the system a lone sororitas, in order to save an entire Guard regiment, martyred herself to destroy an entire chaos army, the flames of the emperor sprouting from her body and cleansing the planet of all tainted life, reducing it to a desert planet. Her remains are still intact, charred and in the position of prayer, and has since become a place of pilgramige. A sororitas Convent has formed up on this world to make sure that the holy remains of what they consider a saint are defended at all cost, even their own lives. They have dedicated their lives to bringing terror to their hated foe, the chaos warband that caused their martyr to lay down her life, and vow to set every heretic they find to the flame.
>Specialty: burning their foes with flamers and holy fire.
>Race: Humans with a sororitas convent: http://pastebin.com/wU7Q7VX4
>Bonus: Fiery Loyalty, the worlds morale is hard to lose.
>Population: average
>Structures: Planetary Defenses, Shrine
>Military: 2 Sororitas Squad, 2 Heavy flamer Celestian Squad, 2 Seraphim Squad
1 Immolator tank and crew
3 frigates
>Food: average
>Wealth: average
>Tech: average
>Stability: high
>1 sororitas squad is on Etharvis defending the shrine built there.

1.2. The warship was slowly but surely taking form and shape, and soon hers would be the might of the system. All would kneel and worship the Emperor, or be burnt to ashes. The Canoness turned from the window and began to walk through the cathedral on planet and towards the Shrine of the Incinerated Saint, kneeling down infront of it and beginning to pray for her blessing upon the construction of the massive ship that would rain down holy fire upon the worlds of heretics and xenos. [Cathedral warship 1/4]

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>Using pagan, non ecclesiastically approved calender.

Prepare your body for his infinite mercy heretic.

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So, during yesterday's Dark Heresy game, my character decided to immolate himself in the name of the emperor and take his melee opponent down with him by pulling the pin on a grenade and holding it to the foul xeno's mug.

The grenade exploded and... neither of us took any real damage. 2d10 explosive, 7, 1, 2 damage for me, none for the other guy.

That was... anticlimactic. Did we overlook some explosive lethality rule or are grenades just this underwhelming?

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also adepta sororitas art thread if you've got any

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Oh, how FUNNY!

You have FIVE SECONDS to point to whoever made that joke before I burn down this whole forest with you all in it. ONE. TWO.

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Why are Sororitas depicted with white hair 90% of the time? Is this just an art convention that stuck or is there anything in the fluff about it?

What's your opinion on the Palatine ascended path for Sororitas from Heresy Begets Retribution?

Also, Sororitas general, if you like.

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