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p.. pri... print coomer? is that you?
if so your skills have improved.

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make silicone moulds.
then cast resin.
use the 50/50 mix if you are new to this.
trust me...
BUT! keep it simple to start. you are gonna get a few air bubbles.
no you cant cast a whole ass dreadnaught.

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A fellow neckbeard bought me a copy of that My Little Pony RPG, "Curse of the Statuettes" as a joke for my birthday. But it gave me a trollish idea. I went over it with my DM and conspired with him to secretly run the campaign for our group's latest pathfinder session. We kept our regular characters and just changed all NPCs into relevant races for our setting. We also left out nearly all mention of ponies, but to fuck with the players the DM kept in all references to friendship and love etc... So when ability tests came up where the party was using violence to solve the problem instead of diplomatically, they'd begin to be penalized. It was really mindfucking them and making them paranoid that they were being mind controlled or manipulated somehow. Finally, at the end the ruse was discovered when the party found the statues of all the victims in the game thus far and encountered the "Door of Harmony". One of the players decided to examine the statues closer, the DM told him some weren't human, the player asked with an annoyed, knowing smirk if they were ponies, cue DM's shit eating grin. You should've seen their faces. Still, it's nice to have fun and mix things up once in awhile. Pic not related because I don't want to take a 3 day vacation just yet.

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If you don't die for the Emperor on your first deployment you're a coward

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>his own Astartes chapter

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>implying the Emperor's police force isn't the best in the galaxy.

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This entire thread.

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>clean Pisha
Why the fuck would you do that?

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today I was minding my own buisness prasing the emperor, when this filthy little blue heretic called me a "guela" and asked me to join his "club".
what the hell does guela mean?
also, can we get a list of slang term that these filthy xenos keep using?

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While that grand plan could realistically never occur. You could try and give the players a plan to infiltrate the inquisition, in order to perform grand plan. Or reveal plans so that chaos may do counter said plans. And then you can add plans within plans. Just as planned.

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A bit of a lurker on TG/V but I didn't quite know which board this was most fit for. So I posted in both! Let's see which one answers best.

I'm an avid roleplayer and used to play Neverwinter Nights (Done so for 7 years)

Unfortunately that place shut down (Damn you Gamespy!) and I'm now looking for more like-minded people or interesting projects on role-play. Are there any suggestions, ideas or people playing currently on role-playing games?

I've been getting some suggestions on World of Warcraft role-playing. I've looked into various private RP servers, and come across some interesting ones like Divinity-wow (something) and prologue-wow.com

So, can /tg/ give me a decent discussion on this?

-picture unrelated, suffer not the nerd to live,please don't kill me ;_;.-

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Might have to turn the sound up a bit.

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The grey knights are a SECRET chapter. SHHHH.

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>Purple eyes

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>Jesus Christ

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That's extra heretical.

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What if I want sexual liasons with a xenomorph?
Am I extra-heretic then?

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