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Restoring Face is good if you've assets already out, and if/when more clones (so far we have pic related, Caprice and Tenma line) get released it'll only get better.
The two none-unique clones are (at least) 4 to trash too, so it's not exactly easy to take them out

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Well it's only 1 influence...

I'm sure all the corps have some masked chaps ready for a bit of the ol' intimidation or what have you.

Jinteki's history eh? Pretty cool. All I know is that they got the patent for some bits of human cloning.

Chain of thought time: Thinking about clones, particularly Tenma clones (other than the cool one)
How is positional ice looking these days?
I'm aware it was a big part of ONR, but you don't see it much in the modern game.

Also, pic related. Is there space (heh) in horizontal Jinteki, or NEH, for these?
They seem a bit niche, but they are probably "harmless" enough that a runner wouldn't kill them straight away.

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From Free Fall:

>The one assigned to me stood just one meter tall, and looked like he was wearing a turtle shell, hence the nickname. His head was almost invisible inside the shell's embrace; two tiny, deeply recessed eyes peering out at me from the shadows. His arms were long, slender, and had skin like black leather. Like the hocas I'd seen at Midway, he had legs and feet that doubled as an extra set of arms and hands, but they were articulated in such a way that he could walk on them okay, especially in low gravity.

What happened? Art director decide to retcon them to be less creepy, or did the artist just not get the memo?

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When Whizzard runs Jinteki, he enjoys it

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