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Warfare is dishonourable; that we are settling our issues with steel and not words is shameful. Blood, and life, will be expended by our mutual failure.

As such, the only honourable way to conduct warfare is to end it as quickly and decisively as possible so as to minimize loss of life. Rules of engagement only prolong war for the naive and childish at the expense of the innocent.

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I call upon the forces of /tg/ to help me brainstorm like a million bounty hunters for a 3.5 campaign. Sort of random antagonists that the variety of financially gifted factions in my setting can sick on the protagonists should they piss them off.

Make them as gimmicky, difficult, or easy as you want. Think sort of like Samurai Jack villains/antiheroes-of-the-day.

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Making it based on Gangs of New York would have been such a better idea, tbqh.

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Last one.

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Well, according to the first test I am:

And the other marks me as being a Lawful Good Human Sorcerer with stats of:

Strength- 15
Dexterity- 14
Constitution- 15
Intelligence- 18
Wisdom- 16
Charisma- 15

Sad thing is, I'm totally just a rather cynical moralfag. No being dark, edgy and brooding for me.

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They make you wear full ceremonial dress at all?

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Not that guy, but this ought to bring some honor and class to him in your eyes.

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The main problem is if you're not super-vigilant about renegades in your own chapter. First time I played through I wasn't and realized that the 'internal secrets' element of those chapters meant that my First, Third through Sixth and 10th chapters were all secretly renegade, and that my friggin' Chaplain and head Apothecary were in on it.

You've gotta be on top of that action or else not only do they take the best of your chapter, along with half your forces, they usually rig it up that everyone gets indicted under the Inquisition. They're worse than the Bloody Magpies, they are.

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Cheers brah! Image related, it's you.

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