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>Non-evil vampires
If a vampire retains their personality, and can feed on people without murdering them, then there's the possibility for non-evil vampires
You could even have a vampire local lord, like those fellas in pic-related, who extracts a blood-tax from their subjects in exchange for protection
Then they're no more evil than the average Aristocrat

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I liked the first book, the subsequent books aren't as good imho.
But they're not bad.

I humbly offer China MiƩville as one of my personal favourites.

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Mosquito Men who are obligate hemovores are actually more conducive to human society than Mindflayers
In The Scar, one of the districts of the floating pirate city is run by vampires, who extract a set amount of blood from their citizens monthly. Because said citizens have the right to move to any other district, the vampires have to sweeten the deal by offering an all round better standard of living than the neighbouring districts
Vampires who can suck blood non-lethally are basically an extractive aristocratic class, who'd have thunk it
Unless you do a gay refluff where Mindflayers "psychically drain" you or some shit, there's no way they can eat without killing people, meaning that they're obligate predators of other sapient races

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