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Has anyone got the greentext about the dude playing in a furry game? he was using pictures of shaggy as an avatar

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That's some ancient lore, right there.

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Is that Sir Bearington?

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Bump, i dont have much DnD related pics.

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Most naturally our human friends get a mention.

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>implying his bonus IS that he's a bear

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A bear there was, a bear, a bear!
All black and brown, and covered with hair.

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Best of /tg/ thread?
Best of /tg/ thread.

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So, I'm sure most- if not all of you- have seen the Sir Bearington copypasta, provided here for reference in case you haven't. To make a long story short, I want to do something like this, but with an octopus; I want to play Octodad as a D&D character. Do you have any advice for me, elegan/tg/entlemen?

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Only if they are PCs

0-Level Characters
The great mass of humanity, elf-kind, the dwarven clans, and halflings, are "0-level" (zero-level) characters. They can gain in wisdom and skill, but they do not earn experience points for their activities. These common folk form the backbone of every fantasy world, doing the labor, making goods, selling cargos, sailing oceans, building ships, cutting trees, hauling lumber, tending horses, raising crops and more. Many are quite talented in the various arts and crafts. Some are even more proficient than player characters with the same training. After all, 0-level characters earn their livings doing this kind of work. For player characters such proficiencies are almost more of a hobby. For the vast majority of 0-level NPCs you create and use in your game, all you need to know is a name, a personality, and an occupation. When the characters deal with the blacksmith or the innkeeper, there's no need to create ability scores, THACO, to-hit adjustments, Armor Class, and the like. This does assume, of course, that your player characters don't go attacking every blacksmith and innkeeper in sight. If they do, you need to know a little more about 0-level characters.

If most people do not fall into a particular character class, how common are those with character classes and how do they fit into the society around them? This is an important question, one you will answer as you create your campaign. You don't have to sit down and think out an exact answer ("2% of the population are adventurers"), although you can get that precise if you want. More likely, the answer will form over time as you populate villages, create encounters, and DM game sessions--you will unconsciously make your choices about frequency and character role. There are, however, differences in how frequently the different classes will logically show up.

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Despite RAW saying it's for convincing people of falsehoods only, would you use Con to convince someone of something true, but that they're unlikely to believe?

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