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Wut? While lightning axe is funny because it has a similar pose, the joke is someone does something nice to Maro and he immediately returns the favor with something no one wanted.

>That'd be kind of a non sequitur though.
That's specifically my sense of humor, but I understand it's not everyone's jam.

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Legendary Wurm fucking when.
I'm still mad about that fake Amonkhet wurm.

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it should still be based off of some stat and not be a flat 5% chance
just a simple saving throw using the stat of the attack, like a strength saving throw if you fumble a morningstar attack
or confirming the fumble with a second attack roll that you have to miss to fumble, like how critical hits needed to be confirmed in past editions
basically rolling a one shouldn't be a fumble, just the threat of a fumble
but i agree with you that those situations can be fun if they don't happen too often, can happen to enemies, and it isn't a flat unavoidable chance

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you monster

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you forgot the trips again, but thats alright since i forgot rum, now ill have to get some before my guests appear, silly me.
And the vodka made me forget which room i was suppose to put it in so see my mighty name!

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The Dwarves are more a potential threat to mankind. Their drive for resources will put us in conflict in the future. If the Dwarves are so quick to adopt change, then they're unpredictable and far more dangerous than the Elves.

The Elves, on the other hand, are content with their forests and magic. They're creatures of habit, making them easy to predict.

The only logical answer is to the side with the Elves, destroy the Dwarven threat before it can ever establish itself. Later, when mankind has recovered from the conflict and learned what they can from backwards engineered Dwarven technology, we can roll into the Elf forests and subdue them.

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Fucking minecraft.

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You are objectively wrong because my personal experiences are more valid

Checkmate Warmafag

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I have no idea. I think it's part of an awesome set of fantastic images.

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Oblivion Ring will never get reprinted because it doesn't match the new "correct" wording.

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>Tajic, Blade of the Legion
> indestructible (I guess)
>Whenever Tajic attacks, put a 1/1 white/red soldier token onto the battlefield tapped and attacking.
>Whenever Tajic attacks, he gets +1/+1 till end of turn for every other attacking creature.

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>Splinter + X
You son of a bitch

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That's just what that double-faggot would want us to think,

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My current campaign has elves on their last leg from the beginning, in fact, the party's first 'quest' is to help the war effort of the big empire of the game to finally wipe them out.

The elves themselves are more or less like empires found in the east, with a better understanding of magic and the elements of the world, but not so much that they're otherworldly.

Though, I will admit, they're basically a mash up of Wutai from FF7 and Eldar from 40K.

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What is you guilty pleasure in regards to /tg/-related games?
GMs! Do you like throwing romance into your games or trying to be subtle about fetish injection? Do you love to hear the players lament while you count the damage dice?
Players! Do you intentionally sabotage a GM's plot that you may have a zany sandbox adventure? Do YOU try to inject your fetishes into the game?

We're all anonymous, so who's going to know?

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>before you can ram the hilt of the shovel into the pilot in ways that are neither sanitary nor comfortable.

Feign an unrustled state

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>Herp. Derp. My anecdotal experience is broadly applicable to everyone, especially people who I've never met and have no information about.

Randomly-chosen image not related.

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He can't be wrong about not liking it, though.

I mean, if someone thinks it is a badly designed game, they have some fucking explaining to do, but if you just don't like the design because it doesn't jive with you, there's no helping it.

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My buddy decided to roll up a LE male Witch named Richard in our Pathfinder game.

He was pretty cool mechanically. My fighter used Richard's Feather Fall ability to serve as a makeshift airboard to surf off of an airship through a closing temporal rift.

But because of the unfortunate nature of Richard's profession, and the story of how male Vala in Norse mythology had to take it up the ass to cast spells, my fighter kept insinuating that Tricky Dick was gay. The DM ruled that every time I did so, Richard's Sense Motive roll had to be equal to or higher than my Diplomacy roll for him to catch the implication.

It took him ten sessions to succeed.

> hfw

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>in b4 600 found dead in formerly abandoned Midwestern town.
"Reports indicate that the slaughter was started when someone asked if anyone wanted to play D&D 4e"

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The alternative is that you fornicate yourself with an iron rod.

Porn is against the rules on /tg/. Those people are offering an alternative.

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