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needs moar Great Devourer

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A question to the Nid players/fans.

Lets just say Ward offered to rewrite the Tyranid codex. He will make it into a strong codex with fun and great rules and it will stand strong for many years. But here is a catch, Ward will go wild with the Tyranid fluff and give them the newcron treatment.

Would you accept the spiritual liege offer?

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What would happen if a Tyranid fleet reached Terra?

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This stuff predated Mass Effect.

Back in 4e, you had mention of Hive Fleet Tiamet, the source of the Ymgarl stealers, back in M35, with other sources dating other hive fleets back a thousand years earlier, even if we ignore the Forgotten Fleets.

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>As it has shown, the Rings only kill sentient life.

The Halo Pulse kills every living creature that could be a potential Flood host, so more or less anything that has a nervous system and the sort. Anything with a nervous system is killed instantly. The Lifeworkers also bathed countless planets with some kind of a chemical that would reduce any dead creatures into its basic components, just in case.
As a side-effect, the Halo Pulse also destroyed the Domain and all the Precursor neural physics constructs.

So yes, more or less all Tyranid organisms bigger than simple bacteria would be rendered dead.
No idea if it would work on Necrons, though, since they are more machines than anything, and since the AIs that were duking it out just before activation survived, not to mention the Monitors, machines are immune to the pulse.

Anyways, post more Nids/Flood

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>Seen on a galactic scale, Hive Fleet Kraken was attacking across a front that covered many thousands of light years.

There's GW's "no sense of scale" issue. Look at the galactic map (pic related) showing Hive Fleet Kraken and the war front would be shaped like a V with both arms more than 20 thousand light long.

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What's the cheapest build for Nids?

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>10 years from now
>7th edition
>Matt Ward announces he'll be writing the codices based on the fluff
>Space marines are ungodly powerful, but cost 1000 points for a single unit
>Tyranids win by default except when playing against Space Marine special characters
>If anyone fields exclusively Tzeentch in a tournament they win by default because it was all part of the plan
>Necrons now have to start in reserves 100%
>Guardsmen receive massive buffs when set up in straight lines
>Tau convert Imperial Guardsmen on a four up roll at the beginning of the battle
>Ork units get stronger and decrease in point cost every time the person plays a match
>Matt ward is laughing madly
>"You wanted better accuracy to the fluff"

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What if the Tau empire was utterly destroyed by the Tyranids?

Would surviving Tau be able to escape? Or are they(like the Eldar) doomed to be devoured?

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Heard some big stuff is in the rumor mill for Tyranids in November/December. New 'dex, lots of biomorphs coming back, a new Hive Fleet, and apparently, a new Bio-Titan, at this time nicknamed "The Big Bug."
Can anyone confirm/deny?

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It should.

Picture related.

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It's still two years out.

Nids will become playable. Have faith in the Skymother.

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I'm not a fan of nids but I have to admit they are the most dangerous species. The ones that we've seen so far are tiny scout forces, not even worth mentioning as a threat. When the main fleet arrives, even a fully awoken emperor, restored to former glory would probably get his shit kicked in.

If you read the lore you can see what they actually do to worlds. They send in genestealers, stealthy little cunts that search a remote area and start up a base. In a few weeks, they have a huge base and essentially an army that can rival anything the planet can throw at them. THEN they start expanding exponentially.

After they have something like a 800 square mile base, they send in the fleet to devour the planet. Now here's where shit goes REALLY bad. Huge tendrils dig into the earth, draining its moisture and heat, absorbing the oceans and all organic/useful matter. The hive fleet collects this and turns it into more splinter fleets that repeat the process. Nothing is left behind that can be turned into more biomass. Water, minerals, all the basics needed to sustain life, including the atmosphere. The planet is dead.

They are just now entering our galaxy but they've already devoured another. That's hundreds of millions of planets worth of biomass. That's thousands of different fleets that each have their own unique mutations and units. There's no fighting that much mass. They aren't looking for a fight. They're just sampling us to see what we taste like.

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Right now what would you say is the biggest threat to humanity?

The hive fleets arriving to our galaxy?
Chaos taking over?
A giant Waaaaaaagh that could happen any day now?
The tau turning everyone into weebs?

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I'm told 6th has been kind to the 'nids.

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>If you want an over all winner, the Zergs.

Do you even 40k?

Pic related. its to scale. Zerg would get out zerg'd with numbers, ignoring how much better Tyranids can be on a individual basis.

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So few?

Look at this map, closely.

See the big white tendrillous things? that are much larger than the galaxy in the center?


not movement of hive fleets. those are the whole thing. Every last millimeter of it is packed with living biomass-consuming tyranids.

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The 5th ed rulebook gives a timeline of an average Tyranid invasion and marks the final stage at "30 chronosegments". A Chronosegment is a 1000th of a year, or 8.5 hours.

So a Tyranid invasion takes a little over 21 days to strip an earth-sized planet of biomass, atmosphere and oceans.

Is it even possible to stop a Tyranid invasion without massive orbital interception, space defenses and fleet support? The speed and scale is insane, I imagined it took them years to do a single planet from start to finish.

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Can we have a Tyranid thread?

Does the Imperium have any chance of stopping the 'Nids?

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This still Canon?

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How you can we introduce personality and individualism to the Nids without ruining them, /tg/?

I suggest we bring back the Zoats and introduce a breakaway faction of the Nids. Hive Fleets that broke away from the Hivemind due to Warp shenanigans, Necron dickery, or whatever. These Hive Fleets will seek their own agendas and can take interact with others races with more ways than just nomming them.

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So, fa/tg/uys, can we talk about how the Milky Way is completely and utterly fucked?

Every single major battle with a Hive Fleet has been an all-or-nothing, practically pyrrhic victory by the Imperium, and it seems like these are nothing but the preliminary tendrils of an even vaster mass of Tyranids. How can any of the races possibly hope to stand up to this sort of threat?

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So. I've been playing 40k for 2 years. i have a Space marine army of 1800 points, a chaos space marine army of 1000 points. I'm thinking of starting a new army. Two armies that caught my attention are tyranyds and the necrons. so what does /tg/ play?

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