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Originally typed this up for a thread that was pruned before I could get back to it regarding malicious PCs, but still want to share a little something with fellow fa/tg/uys.

One of my less scrupulous players asked me the other day what the mechanics of crushed glass as a ranged weapon/area effect would be.

If you're wondering, we wound up deciding that crushed glass, if bagged in a loosely knit bag, would be a ranged touch attack to the face or chest, which, if it succeed, would force a ref save to close your eyes, and, if that failed, a will save to not rub your eyes.
Succeed the will save and you take a -10 to perception and become flat-footed until you can see a doctor.
Fail the save and become permanently blinded.

Crushed glass is a fucking nightmare.
I think the only reason my NPCs weren't hit by a rash of screaming bloody eyes was my mentioning that botching that attack would mean facing the same circumstances.

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Grim as fuck.

Imperium of Man consists of the Segmentum Solar and a few scattered enclaves. Everything else is "you won't need eyes to see where we're going" levels of fucked.

Emperor is Dead. Dorn and Mortarion are constantly fortifying and they know the moment they stop or divert any resources to pushing the border back a bit they just get stomped by Logar and his asshole followers.

Gulliman went off to secure Ultramar and bring in the cavalry and that was the last any one has seen of him. Ultramar is just about holding on Thanks to their alliance with the Tau and Eldar. United in a noble cause of holding the rape train off for just one more day. Word has it that they are holding out but the Navigator houses are point blank refusing to go anywhere past the Armageddon Desolation Space anymore and even that far begrudgingly.

No one knows what happened to Vulkan. Occasionally a story or two of a Furnace Eyed Giant will come across the border with the latest refugee convoy. But gods alone know if thats true or not or if its even him.

Terra got sucked down a warp hole 50,000 miles wide the moment the Emperor died. Its a hole in the sky. Fairly stable and following the same orbit as a planet once did. Bunch of star forts staffed by the entire Sister of Silence order. Mars is the seat of governance now, such as is left of it.

I'd play it.

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Hey fa/tg/uys, looking for some inspirational for an encounter I'm working on (PF, apl7)

The skeleton of the plot is a Tesseract type dungeon, with 9 rooms, one of which is the back room of a local shop ran by an Orc. A local wizard got his jimmies rustled that an Orc was allowed property in a civil city and hit shuffle on his store, so now any door can lead to any other, or to new dangerous rooms.

What I would like from you fine gentlemen is some ideas regarding the contents of the other rooms. So far I have a room of traps upon traps, a cave in the mountains and the final room, where the ritual was conducted.
Pic unrelated?

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They were destroyed for a reason.

The oldest commandment of the Mechanicum is 'Suffer not the machine that thinks like a man'. The A.I. that inhabited the STCs and was connected to the robot servants and soldiers and the automated factories was not as resistant to psychic fucker as your basic human.

As turmoil in the Warp grew whilst the eldar fucked their empire into decline the turmoil bled into the dreams of mortals. The eldar were spurned on to greater and more terrible acts of debauchery and sadism, orks went slightly more kill-crazy and humans went a little nuts. This is nothing compared to what happened to the A.I.s

With none of the human balls to the walls stubbornness and with minds composed of nothing but unbending order they were, down to the last, driven totally and hopelessly insane. They had been shown their own personal visions hell and they could not look away or even blink.

You ever seen the film Event Horizon? For the A.I.s it was like they were all Sam Niel.

And they nearly exterminated humanity in the wars that followed.

Back in 1st and 2nd edition there were Chaos Androids. It was speculated that they were the last remnants of this old piece of human history, these Men of Iron.

Humanity burned its STCs intentionally. It would be utter shit but somewhere humanity might survive.

Pic related, mental state of the STCs.

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Neither do I.

Pic related.

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He would have made the best films ever.

Pic related and then turned up to 11.

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>Spot check
>Don't need eyes to see where we're going

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This is the part about them that I actually like.

They soak up the environment and change themselves to suit it.

It also makes the concept of elven ethnicity stupid.

More emphasis should be put on which religion they follow and what culture they were born into.

However I am now curious as to what would happen if the Even Horizon had an elf on board when it went to Hell.

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The a huge swathe of the galaxy around the Formosa Sector goes tits up as everything is murdered by the awakening Necron Star-Kingdoms or plundered and murdered by the Orks at the behest of the Brain Boyz looking for more materials, breeding grounds and training practice for the WAAAAAAAAAAGH!!! efforst against said Star-Kingdoms. THe human held worlds were too week and fractious to hold out against either and were subsequently obliterated.
Formosa was not fractious. Ancient Inquisitor Torquemada Coteaz by the death of the Emperor was pulling the strings of most, if not all, of the strings behind most, if not all, of the governments of that sector. Managed to hold everything together. Formosa Imperium becomes microcosm of Old Imperium even has Space Marines, grown from the rmenants of the Blood Drinkers and Silver Skulls orphaned companies.

Eldar rebuild their old Empire in the south of the Segmentum Tempestus. Eldrad Ulthuran just about survives his trip through the Realm Of Chaos and gets the harlequins and Pheonix Lords on his side and together they bully the ruling councils of the 15 surviving Craftworlds to converge their space borne homes on a patch of uninteresting interstellar space. many vassal worlds are assimilated into the Empire. Most sentient species are considered equal in their inferiority to the Children of Isha. Eldar become ruling elite and single biggest ethnic group of the largest xeno Empire in the galaxy. Most of the worlds joined them willingly, in exchange for help against the orks and Necrons.

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