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So a new player to 40K was asking some guys at the hobby shop we go to was a bit iffy of the prices of citadel paints, and was knowing of any cheaper alternatives, wat do?

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Question, /tg/. In Deathwatch, your Dark Angel dood can get a Watcher in the Dark to run around at his heels and be his bitch slave, as Watchers are wont to do.

Thing is, Watchers are aliens and the Deathwatch is an Ordo Xenos deal. How does one reconcile this?

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So I posted a few days ago, about ideas for a Dark Angels chapter. I got sine help from some anons, most of whom agreed that
a) it sucks that Dark Vengeance locks you into Dark Angels, and
b) that doing anything else with those guys is kind of a chore because of the DA iconography.

So I ask, what are some ways to do something original with this starter set, without painting my army men green and bone-white? One anon suggested a chapter with an unknown primarch, but admittedly I'm not sure what this means/entails.

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the Dark Angels and Black Templars both draw heavily from the themes of the Knight Templars and teutonic orders. The Black Templars are modeled on the ideal of righteous wrath and perpetual crusade (also the iconography, what with the Germanic cross) while the Dark Angels play more to the Knight Templars' obsessive secrecy, ritualism and paranoia.

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What do Space Marines do in their spare time?

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Fuck yeah Dark Angels.

Let's keep going.

1d10 for our gene seed purity.

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The fuck you say heretic?

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Oh fuck, not this drunk asshole again.

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Dark Angels.
Why? It's a secret.

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Dark Angels.
Why? It's a secret.

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Emperor's own mercy, woman, if we have to go through this song-and-dance once more time...


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Has the infinite DA command squad exploit been FAQ'd?

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>space marines
>gay sex

Got a problem with that, peasant?

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Hey /tg/, there are two common images I want to show a friend, demonstrating a couple of things about 40k - does anyone have the awesome long shot of the rogue trader's silhouettes on the ship, and the one with the grumpy looking guardswoman under a tent attached to a tank?

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Anyone got Dark Angels Codex scan?

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>As for DA they'll be in the WD that gets released in December and will be on sale in Jan, as some have quite rightly already said. (...)You can certainly expect a new speeder type

>*HQ models will be recast into finecast. Same models
>*New Belial model robes, powersword, stormbolter, or plasma bolter combi
>*New Chaplain
>*Deathwing Box Set: Comes with 3 options; Normal DW Terminator Squad, Command/HQ Squad with Banner and Apothecary, and an Elite Squad with Plasma Cannon options
>*Ravenwing Box Set: Bikes remodeled and look like the Ravenwing bikes from Dark Vengeance, but same build as normal bikes, also with added weapons for the new Ravenwing Elite unit.

>Mat Ward is likely the author

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>JAN: Dark Angels
>FEB: Daemons
>MAR: Wave month (hobbit, warriors of chaos, 40k)
>APR: High Elves
>MAY: Tau
>JUN: Summer wave (40k, supplement book for 40k)
>JUL: Lizardmen
>AUG: Mystery Box
>SEP: Wave month
>OCT: ???
>NOV: Eldar
>DEC: ???

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Yeah, but they've also been known to just randomly leave before a major enemy assault for, what is to outsiders, an unknown reason.

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any reason?

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I don't play 40k, but I like the setting.

What will these things mean for the fluff?

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Really late here but people talking earlier in the thread about how 'canon' it was that Jonson was waiting and observing to see how the HH would pan out... isn't the only source for that the word of a single fallen?

I wouldn't exactly call that trustworthy. The entire point about the DA is that they're supposed to be ambiguous... but people on /tg/ seem to love painting them in an extremely negative light all day every day. To the extent of suggesting they don't ever fight for the Imperium at all. Which is bullshit.

Also can someone remind me exactly what necessitated the colour shift of the Dark Angels? I seem to recall something about Jonson painting marines recruited from Caliban in his native colours and distrusting the marines created before he took the helm.

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>Would it make sense for a Unforgiven chapter to wage war against the more tyrannical and corrupt (in a political sense) branches of the Imperium, such as the Ordo Hereticus or the Adeptus Administratum?

Not really, no. A chapter going after the Inquisition or Administratum would quickly be declared Hereticus Extremis and be destroyed.

Unless, of course, they were founded by the High Lord of the Administratum and/or Inquisition to be used as a tool for "cleaning house" in the first place.

You can get away with almost anything in the Imperium as long as you have powerful enough backers, and the High Lords have created SM Chapters to serve exclusively as their own enforcers before, i.e. the Minotaurs.

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Alot of people on /tg/ have the misconception that DA are always ALWAYS in the process of being backstabbing cunts.

Rather they're more a chapter of extreme dispositions.. under normal circumstances they're extremely committed to their duty to the Imperium and pursue with a sense of real devotion and, dare I say it, humility.

However the moment one of their skeletons-in-the-closet rears its head then they do a full swing around and focus entirely on That instead. They're not a bunch to do anything half-baked.

A good example would be the 13th black crusade, whereby they committed all 10 companies to the Eye of Terror (the smurfs committed about half of one). That was Before they uncovered suspicions of Cypher being involved in activities in the Segmentum Obscura. When they learned of his presence they fucking dropped everything in their pursuit of him.

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