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>In all honesty how are Nighthaunt supposed to be played?
They're kind of in a weird spot because the whole faction is paying a premium tax for faction-wide fly and above-average toughness while having generally weaker than average combat stats relative to their points. Selecting the right units is paramount, frankly I think all of their mid-cost elite fighters are trap options, they're just too expensive for how damn fragile they are, and I don't think it's efficient to have to essentially be forced to hold a triple every round to res one a turn when they inevitably go down like flies. That basically leaves you with Spirit Hosts, who are decently tanky bruisers with alright damage output, chainrasps because they're the cheapest chaff we can take to fill out our numbers, and then a leader to taste, I like the Knight of Shrouds, even in his nerfed post-GA book state he still has a decent attack profile and great staying power with his double ability.
My Nighthaunt list is:
>Knight of Shrouds (230)
>Spirit Host (220) x2
>Chainrasp (80) x4
990/1000 points.
The Knight and Spirit Hosts basically take care of the fighting while the Chainrasps take advantage of 5" and fly to zoom around and grab objectives and such or to be inconvenient roadblocks for enemies.
I build all my starting lists with campaign play in mind so no mercs in the basic 1k list, but Death does have a lot of allies that are worth considering, especially if you can get something cheaper than the Spirit Host that lets you squeeze in a 5th chainrasp to bring up the numbers.

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Awesome work anon, thanks for sharing!

Can a lorefag explain to me why nighthaunt aren't allowed to try and breach doors? Surely if they can smack a living person with a scythe they can do the same to a door.

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I don't think there's a definitive optimal build for Nighthaunt at the moment because of how wonky the warband is. Best I can tell you definitely want some Spirit Hosts and/or Myrmourn Banshees because they're you're best damage dealers but otherwise it's hard to say.

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>Corpsewrack Mausoleum all now out of print.
There's a copy on the shelf at my local GW, is it worth picking up? I have Nighthaunt and a zombie dragon so thematically it could be a nice board, but how does it play?

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I want to round out my available Death allies with one from the Nighthaunt, I currently have a ghoul king and a lone necromancer. Should I go for knight of shrouds or lord executioner? Maybe even a spirit torment?

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Maybe something like
>Dreadwarden x1
>Spirit Host x1
>Banshee x2
>Chainrasp x4
990/1000 points

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