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Would a North Korean killing a South Korean child because he honestly believes in all his heart that it is an evil capitalist traitor due to the ruling party's indoctrination be evil?

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Hello, /tg/. Let us play a game.

This is the game where we make a species. It has a very peculiar set of rules, that I want you to read before participating.

>I offer a series of possible choices or request input. Respond with one of the possible choices or your own input respectively, with "dice+1d100" in your email field. The person who rolls the highest number out of the first FIVE (5) responses gets selected and then I state the next phase.

Let us first choose one of the following settings:
>Sci-fi (soft/average only - I don't trust my scientific knowledge enough to create truly hard science fiction)

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... Hell, I like it.


This and the next four images will form the next setting.

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