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>he will not say anything, but then just brutalize you the entire game until he kills you or forces you to reroll.

>So basically deletes like ten thousand gold worth of gear from the guy. Did the same thing to me.

>Grom gets less EXP than the rest of the party, and HALF of all his money automatically goes to Thonk the coward.

I'd have noped the fuck out, too, anon.

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Rolled 6, 4, 5 = 15

>You duck, grabbing Illya and bringing her down with you. [Roll 3d6]

>Rolled 6, 6, 6 =18

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prairie squid....pulling vtols out of the sky...


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>good group had an avenger or something along those lines, a rogue, a warden, and a wizard
>warden was a big fellow who wasn't terribly intelligent and liked shiny things
>wizard was inquisitive and liked most shiny things because they tended to be magical
>loot is being divied up
>warden demands a magical trinket
>wizard says no
>warden says he will take it if he has to
>what proceeded popped several encounter and equipment abilities
>warden rushes the wizard, wizard teleports
>warden tries to grab wizard wizard pulls some shenanigans to slow the warden down then teleports
>this goes on for about 5 or so combat rounds
>warden finally catches up and sits on the wizard until he gets his shiny
>no lethal attacks, wizard almost expires from having a 500 lb man on him though before he taps out
God, that group was awesome

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>>Get Illya and yourself the heck out of dodge.

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Fucking saved!
>nat 20 escape

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>oh, is that like a dragon eating someone's head?
>click on image

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Comes into thread, reads first few posts, picture response.

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