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So /teegee/ I recently got into a Rogue Trader campaign with a new group, and most of them had no real prior experiance with PnP in general, but since they played Warhammer wanted to get into the PnP there since they knew the fluff.

Now, I have ran Rogue Trader before, and while talking to them about making the ship and what not one of them mentioned event horrison, and got us all thinking - in short: They want a ship that they've got no clue whats actually in it. The story goes its an ancient vessel found on a planet, size is unkown by everyone, as well as its current status since it was burried in sand.

Cut to a lot of red tape later, a Rogue Trader family finely manged to get their grubby hands on it by abusing some ties to the navy and now I am making it, so far I've rolled up that its bloody cruiser sized, which makes for interesting events when everyone suddenly feels cheated on a cruiser - either way, in a bit of a slump as I am stacking this cruiser out, what would be some cool events/things that could happen?

Also, Warhammer PnP general I guess - hit me with your best stories.

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R is for Rogue Trader.
And Rogue Trader is for me.
Fuck the Chaos Cultists, though.

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two in the group.

RT and his Seneschal.

RT is a foppish dandy that is Mr Charisma, all puffy frilly shirts, and semi serious, and really plays on the Noble and brook not insult thing. Good player, but a little dominating, and probably shouldn't have been the RT in the sense that he takes control of most of the decisions in the game affecting the players. The dynasty is his and his alone.

The Seneschal is out for world/galactic domination... of a sort, he's come from nothing to being the seneschal of a Dynasty is who basically where all the actual power lies. He's half way to becoming an official Inquisitorial agent, and thinks he could enjoy being an actual Inquisitor along with keeping the who seneschal/trading thing happening. as he's in somewhat of a dead end job as the RT is a little too self absorbed to want to have an armada of ships. and dominating an area of the Koronus expanse. Oh and he push limit, hard, to find peoples limits and weaknesses. He has successfully stolen from an Inquisitor without being caught (good rolls and good roleplaying).

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"jump completed. fuel reserves at ~1.0012%" the robed figure paused taking in the information from the servitor "auspex?" a tinny voice crackled "Down." "full system report." "auspex: down, engines: down, Geller field: 13.3333 percent functionality. weapons: down, life support: down, hull integrity: 5.03%...." the servitor continued on with what was essentially a death sentence to the ship. Any crew member that was not augmented enough to survive the void was already dead. The tech's own systems would hold out for another 3 months before the nutrient solution holding what was left of his brain would be depleted. "Status of emergency beacon?" "Emergency Beacon: Function." ...."active."

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I used to go to /vg/ to talk about Tribes: Ascend but all they do now is circlejerk over members of the community. Piss on that.

Does /tg/ play Star Ruler? If so, can you tell me the basics of playing it? It looks pretty cool but one of those games with an enormous learning curve.

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our team looks for a ship that doesent need 10,000 souls to men.

could you recomend a small Roug Traider ship?

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bumpan for barstow

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this is exactly the kind of thread I was hoping to find because I have one very important question.

Is there any kind of chart of established fluff info on what exactly the crew compliment is on the various types and sizes of space ship in WH40k?

I though Battlefleet Gothic may have had something but I can't seem to see anything.

Not strictly related to this but I don't want to make a whole thread for one question

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>Dos Necrons

Ohhhh boy, that looks awesome...

What would you call that central ships? Looks like a goddamn Necron Novacannon

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Hey /tg/ i plan on running a RT game for my freinds, i have the core book, but i have no idea where to start, any hints,tips,warnings, ideas ?

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So why we not seen a video game that is Rogue Trader based? A spiritual reboot of Freelancer with new technology and innovation? Bigger ships for sure to fit the 40k theme of huge everything, also exploring and trading, buying low selling high, exterminating aliens and bombarding planets to glass for the thrill of it all and most importantly just sailing through scenery porn of deep space.

Are strategy games and Space Marine boot stomping simulators the best we can do?

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Here's a ship while we wait.....

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next item: starships?

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Yeah you know what, wait for three posts is probably a bad idea. From now on I'll just use the first post after the fact. If they forget to roll I'll just use the last two numbers in their post.

My bad.


You're able get to your feat easy enough without help. Your head is still killing you, but at least you arent too dizzy. When you ask the stranger how he knows your name, he looks surprised.

"Huh? Did they work you over so much you got a screw lose? Its me, Victor. You know, I'm the 'specialist' the inquisitor brought in a few years ago. We've been working in the same cell for a few years now. Any of this ringing any bells?"

It doesn't. You find his face familiar, but you cant seem to remember anything since.....living in the below decks of the Heart of Gold. Keeping the machine spirit of the ship appeased in the areas that needed it most. Risking your life in the darkness when no one else would. You've never so much as seen an inquisitor in your whole life.

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Rogue Traders, I need ideas! Endeavors, encounters, modular adventures, xenos, tech, ships, plot hooks, stories, recommendations, etc

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