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I was able to get everything that i need to complete my guilds, even the themed shank, tenderiser and angel for cooks/navs and I think I bought the last nomad they had in stock. feels good.

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I have not played a CCG/TCG/LCG in a long fucking time. The last two CCGs is played and lonve were a Game of Thrones ccg and Duelmaster ccg but MAN, I am really looking to get into another card game.

what are some good ccg/tcg/lcg game that are not dead and not magic the gathering

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The Story-Teller system (World of Darkness) new or old works well. Less precise with the rules, more about the 'feel' of the game, the story. At least it always felt that way to me.

Also, a way to get around the whole "One person in D&D gets murdered" would be to make it, well, NPC heavy. By that, I mean the PC gets friends, allies, makes his way in a world that's actually filled with other people who might happen to give a shit about what happens to said world (If you're going for world-saving, that is). It can be a bit overwhelming at first running something that's NPC heavy, but if you can work past that, it's amazing. Especially how everything becomes so much more personal the smaller your group is.

Along with the heavy NPC thing for a D&D styled game would be to, well, make the PC 'special' in some way. Not meaning over the top mary-sue, but just enough to give them an advantage. Higher stats, additional bonuses on such, everything adds up. Just be careful not to ramp it up TOO much, or the PC can and will trample over EVERYTHING, which doesn't lead to much tension in combative situations, but can be perfectly fine in social situations.

Personally I prefer 1 DM and 2-3 players max. Each player gets far more 'face time', and every interaction becomes deeper. The larger the group, the more interactions with NPCs and the world in general becomes, well, generalized. Not always the case, but smaller groups lend themselves to more meaningful gameplay easier. So much more you can do without worrying about stepping on the other players toes or just hogging the show.

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Due to the nature of my group, most preparation goes out the window and lays unused in back of my head.

There are times that I take their sarcastic responses to situations as gospel to move things along. "Nope, you said it!" Becomes a common response.

Also, assassination. Just kill one of their characters, not in a complete BS way, but make an explanation point of something.

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In my experience, (only ever been part of 3 groups... DMing one) battle-mats are not just useful but required.
While I can imagine imagination is more then enough, battle-mats add a form of tactile representation that can extend past combat.
In roleplay, I always use it to remind players who is where and draw a clean line in player/character knowledge.

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My last words and the cause of my death.

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>implying the only use for a princess is sex
1. Rescue princess.
2. Ransom her back to her wealthy father.
3. ???
4. Hookers and blow.

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Take a fucking guess.

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And pic related.

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>Gives a fuck about what stereotype people are trying to pin onto you

I don't even.

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has there ever been a bearquest? im sure there has but was it long ago during the ursar dynasty?

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Am I Slaaneshi yet?

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>I wonder what you guys use for influences in your games?

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>Play W/R casual deck most often, contains off color counterspells that require gambling and paying life, as well as other "gamble" cards.

>main win condition is Transcendence + Sulfuric Vortex

>mfw I'm a gambling addicted flagellant who happens to be in it for the adrenaline rush/good times and is somehow more often successful than not.

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from time to time

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A Komodo fucking dragon? That sounds god damn awesome, proceed with your story telling.

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/tg/, I want to start playing dorf fortress, but I dunno where to start. One thing I do know is that I'd like a graphical tileset, but beyond that I'm at your mercy.

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Having anticipated a friends return from studying abroad in china and now looking forward too many gamesessions of D&D, i have learned through indirect sources that he has probably developed an addiction to cocaine.

I feel very worried and concerned about my friends health, and the future of our gaming group, since we are only three people.
He wont be a very stable player with white powder under his nose.


How would you react if you noticed a player in your gaming group was addicted to drugs, and what would you do with that player.

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>Bear deck

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>which Chaos god thread
Take a fucking guess.

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You have Saddam and Charles Foster Ofdensen in your group?


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>mfw Porphyric Hemophiliacs win half their battles and lose half their battles

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If you are in the areas that freeze during winter, open the aquifer area to the outside, let in ice up, then dig through it and reinforce the inside with walls\staircase.

If you are in a place that doesn't freeze, you can drop a cave in 'plug' into the aquifer, then dig a staircase through the plug. Has to be natural stone, not constructed stuff.

Multiple Z aquifers require multiple Z plugs. If you don't have enough layers above, you can divert a volcano into a channelled out section of aquifer, channel out middle, rinse and repeat for lower Z's (be sure to start with a sufficiently wide area).

Finally, the most tedious way is using pumps, to push the water back into the aquifer and then building walls in to hold the water back.

I have done this, but it is a huge pain in the arse, micro-mannagement because the masons don't want to build when there is 2\7 water on a tile, and there is all this spray from the pumps. Totally doable, but frustrating, there is a guide on the wiki that explains it in more detail.

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