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Stop making Nurgle daemons seem "fat", make them seem more bloated, swollen, deformed, full of tumours

Change the motives of The Purge. Their goal isn't to kill everyone. That's lame, that's not even Nurgle.

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there are s few for nurgle , khorne burned the rest

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Nurgle looks fine dressed in red

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Hey y'all.
After getting getting a slump with my Blood Angels, I feel like I want to return to my Death Guard (over 3000 points of which).

The thing is, I don't have the Codex and can't see myself getting it anywhere in the future because of things.

Any of you Gentlemen have a link to a PDF of the new Codex? I would be eternally grateful!

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So I'm going to start painting me some Daemons, getting back into the hobby. I've however never played either Fantasy or 40k and think that this might be the time to do so. I've read that you can just keep your Daemons on square bases in 40k, so I think I'll do that so I can play both. Which should I focus my Daemon army on, Fantasy or 40k? I can't really justify buying two Codexes and rulebooks.

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I came damn close to buying the Nurgle's Rot pack from Games-Workshop's website earlier today. Only thing that stopped me was the fact that I still have to finish my orkz and ogres. Well, that and my wallet.

Papa Nurgle weeps for my wallet.

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In death is life.

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Hey /tg/ recently I've been learning a lot about warhammer 40k and I really want to play. However, I also just visited a game store and purused ebay and found that it's an expensive hobby. Does anyone know a good place to get 40k miniatures for a price that a college student could afford?

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>"This raw power can take nearly any form or shape"

Imagine you're a smith, and arcane energy is the iron.

It's up to you what you shape of it, should you make a sword or a mace, but regardless of your best efforts, you can't shape a raw material into somehow making you have power over blood or see the future.

Get it now?

You have a raw material than can be made into anything and you have full control over it, but you don't gain the powers of Spheres, only imitate their abilities.

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There is a special place in the warp for you and your kind

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As if Magnus is doing anything other then shouting "JUST AS PLANNED" while eating his breakfast.

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If i was you, i would join Nurgle. He is called "Papa Nurgle" / "Grandfather Nurgle" for a reason. You see, the other chaos gods will only use you. Khorne only wants blood to be spilled, and he doesnt care if its yours or that of the enemy. Tzeentch will just fuck with you, not literally of course. Slaanesh WILL fuck with you literally, but eventually you wont feel any pleasure and you will be a junkie for pretty much everything, seeking something to satisfy you. Eventually you wont be able to find anything like that and you'l go mad. Now, Nurgle doesnt want to use you. He loves you, just like a good father does. He cares about you, and wants the best for you. The only thing he wants you to do is to spread his love. You dont even have to fight if you want to. You can just wander in a poorly-defended settlement and voila: the people that live there will be knee-deep in Nurgle's love before they know it. Nurgle will take away your ability to feel pain, grant you regeneration and being able to shrug off almost any blows. You may eventually become near immortal! Join Nurgle, and accept his love.

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i need games workshop rules
in pdf preferably
anything you have but necromunda warhammer and warhammer 40k
special thanks to anyone who gives chaos dark angels blood angels space wolves and the lost and the damned(all with fluff)
will dump other rules and will post gun guides if asked

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ok. so i started playing chaos today after i built and painted my dark vengeance set, and i got abbadon as an HQ.
today my first fight was against a guard player.
yeah... so i had my ass handed to me (guy was an experienced guard player, i was a complete noob and accept that.) and he happened to have creed as an HQ.
so all that was left was abbadon, his, terminators, and a few cultists,
I said "what the hell?" and start to move straight towards creed.
my friend realizes what i am doing, and laughs with me.
so everything he has starts to shoot at these running chaos marines and cultists, all chanting "~basura basura bishi bishi~" (me and my friend the guard player had watched the dark knight rises just a few days ago for the first time, and were using the jokes still) for the sake of funny narrative.
i end up losing all the terminators from a bunch of "look out sir" rolls, and having a critically wounded abbadon, with 5 cultists left.
i was within charging distance, so i did, as well as issuing a challenge.
well, creed didn't, but the flagbearing idiot that comes with him did....
and was wasted by abbadon.
i know enough that once i did so, i could roll for a chaos boon...
i rolled a 21...
so, abbadon, the most loved son of chaos and warmaster of the chaos legions,
then became a chaos spawn after killing Creed's right hand man...
and so the mighty SPAWN-BADDON WAS BORN!
we both lol'd heavily, but the spawn-baddon and other cultists (sans one) were killed quickly.
i asked, since i had only one cultist left if i could issue a challenge with him against creed.
the guy said "sure, why not?"
i never knew i could roll that many sixes.
creed tried to do a "watch out, sir", failed, and died at the hands of a cultist with an autogun.
for shits and giggles i rolled for chaos boon.
got a mother-humping 66.
abbadon got turned into spawn, and a cultist kills creed and becomes a demon prince... anyone else find this funny?

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Could you make a song worthy of the title "March of the Plaguebearers"?

A march-like song about Nurgle please.

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This thread is about all things Nurgle.
Does anyone else think that the large GUO on the right wasn't designed very well? I don't think it was. It has ridiculously large thighs. To me, large thighs aren't really great for symbolising pestilence, as they are more or less associated with fertility and health - pretty much the opposite of what Nurgle is supposed to embody.
Also, how powerful are each of Nurgle's daemons / daemon engines supposed to be in fluff?

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This is the fluff for my nurgle force. Laika counts as a Sorcerer. Then I use Plague Zombie rules for the Assassin-Priests. I couldn't decide between Grey Knights and CSM. I love Inquisitors. That's why I decided to go with a traitor inquisitor so I could have both!

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my child you have been lied to give yourself to decay and pestilence and indulge yourself into the sweet aroma of bile and decay...for i am nurgle and all are welcomed for me to imbrace

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