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Don't speak unless you're spoken to, you perverted sword! *THWAP*

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Here you go OP. No need to thank me.

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How would he work in 3.5/PF? I'm thinking either fighter or paladin as a base.

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They would get along with Rance.

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Do what Champion from CoC would do.

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Rolled 53


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>Fertile without fail

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Take your clothes off! This is going to be the best apology of your life.


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Okay, how would you guys react to a Rance Quest?
To be clear, I'm not talking about a Rape Quest, but about a Quest in the actual Rance Series World, with all the lore, world-building and both political and cultural aspects of that world, as it seems that it is actually quite detailed.

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Well clearly he unsheathes his hyper weapon and uses it to pierce the heavens.

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Bumping to keept this thread alive.

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My kind of campaign!

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Recently happened in a session, pic very much but not entirely related.

Party has been chasing down members of the government of Cheliax for some time now, we've been trying to reclaim the land for fun and profit. We infiltrate a lords estate, and get caught.

Guards start being sent at us but guards are just mooks and go down easy, we eventually reach a solo succubus which attempts to seduce our good-aligned diplomancer to convince us to fuck off, she failed the roll and I turn to the party and call dibs.

GM slams his head against the desk and a couple flat "No"s are thrown by the party, I tell them to trust me and eventually they give in. I casually walk up to the succubus, letting the party know that "They should follow my lead" before turning to the succubus and casually explaining that "A lay for each of us willing, and we'll leave Cheliax forever."

Roll bluff, and get a 18 total, not bad since Cha was my dumpstat, GM rolls a 5 for sense motive. Succubus agrees, so long as I strip and disarm first

I'm a monk

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I personally wouldn't need any dice involved, freeform rp is fine, too. I just would be nice to have some bigger, overarcing storyline that consists of more than just tits&dicks.

Pic so much related it hurts.

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/tg/ becomes the Rance of 4chan

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I think you messed up the final step of that prequel. How about this:

>Science has surpassed the need for men. With engineered stem cells and modified bone marrow, women can reproduce without any need for male involvement.

>It begins with a secret facility on a secluded Greek isle, and soon spreads covertly through fertility clinics all over the world. More and more women are having babies without a man in the picture.

>By the time statistics departments notice the upswing in female birthrates, it is already too late to stop.

>Panicking heterosexuals try to hold on to the remaining supply of males in compounds like some sort of wildlife preserve, but their treasured ‘natural methods’ mean increasingly less males born in each generation... and those males, through natural causes, diseases, and accident, are shrinking more and more in number.

>Worse, the rarity of the guarded males fuels their self-centeredness, and they soon feel entitled to special treatment because of what they are, degrading into arrogance that no self-respecting woman wants to spend her life with, let alone the handful of minutes it takes to ‘do the deed’.

>Even the heterosexual women begin to wonder if males are really worth preserving. Eventually, as the science wins out, the last known adult man meets his end - his final words? "Yo, ladies, check this shit out."

>Eventually, as time passes, there are celebrations and memorials alike, on the anniversary of the death of the last man...

>Rance and Sill pass through a magic portal and enter the world.

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"Hahahahaha, no."

And then I rape her and she joins my party anyway.

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Stat me, /tg/.

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Fighting across the panicking archers and poorly prepared footmen, you made your way towards the beautiful general.
She tries to draw the sword she had, but you quickly pin her arms, preventing her from doing so.
"NOPE. NOT LETTING YOU DO THAT." You quickly disarm her, making sure with tedious pat down that she was indeed unarmed.
"GAHAHAHAHA! You and this castle are mine!"
>Yamamoto Isoroku Captured
>battle 3of3 of Ashikaga territory 1 won.
>Mamushi Oilfield added to Oda provinces.

That evening, while reveling in victory and women, you set your eye's on what remained of Ashikaga's territory.

next thread on... IDK LOL
Check twitter or something.
>twitter @HappyBrownGuy
They are only good if said so. [example, rolling for enemy's attacks on you.]
Most of the times [for me and all of the quests I run] they're bad.

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Rolled 15


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The natural enemies of monsters are adventurer penises.

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come at me!

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I wouldn't be so sure.

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